Coronavirus Update :12 May outbreak end and life get back to normal-As the Astronomical Researcher said

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As the corona pandemic Going one of the Islamic Researcher published one of the News that 12 May 2020 is the Deadline  from recover from corona pandemic. One of researcher said that one of the star will rise on 12 may. They believe that this star represent the happiness & derive from the pandemic.So lets see the what happened.If that then the world will see again a peaceful nature.

Last March at the End of the Month The world is closing down. Spots that were once abounding with the buzzing about of day by day life have become apparition towns with monstrous limitations put on our lives – from lockdowns and school terminations to travel limitations and bans on mass get-togethers.

It is an unrivaled worldwide reaction to an ailment. Yet, when will it end and when will we have the option to move on?

Leader Boris Johnson has said he accepts the UK can “reverse the situation” against the flare-up inside the following 12 weeks and the nation can “ask coronavirus to leave for good”.

Yet, regardless of whether the quantity of cases begins to fall in the following three months, at that point we will at present be a long way from the end.

It can require some investment for the tide to go out – perhaps years.

It is away from current technique of closing down huge pieces of society isn’t reasonable in the long haul. The social and monetary harm would be calamitous.

What nations need is a “leave procedure” – a method for lifting the limitations and returning to ordinary.

In any case, the coronavirus won’t vanish.

On the off chance that you lift the limitations that are keeping the infection down, at that point cases will unavoidably take off.

“We do have a major issue in what the leave system is and how we escape this,” says Mark Woolhouse, a teacher of irresistible malady the study of disease transmission at the University of Edinburgh.

“It’s not simply the UK, no nation has a leave system.”

It is a huge logical and cultural test.

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