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Floyd Mayweather Jr Net Worth

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Floyd Mayweather professional Boxer from United States. He made his debut year 1996 in the wake of winning battle from Mexican adversary (Roberto Apodaca). In the event that we talk about fighters who resigned without losing a battle, Mayweather Jr is driving the rundown. He participate in 50 battles and win every one of them since 1996. Floyd Mayweather total assets $700 million detailed back in year 2019 by number of souces.

Floyd Mayweather Jr Net Worth ($850 Million) :

Mayweather Jr extraordinary compared to other paid fighters on the planet. As indicated by sources, he make nearly $300 million each battle which incorporate compensation per-see income share, special reward, and television rights cash. A report uncovered that in two and half years contract manage showtime brings ($450 million) to his record, the assessed income uncovered after battle with Manny Pacquiao in 2015. A news sources, guaranteed that Mayweather Jr got nearly ($250 million) of satchel cash which incorporate ppv share income and television rights cash bargain.

Floyd Mayweather Jr Per battle Purse ($300 Million) :

Mayweather Jr gain profession most noteworthy cash against Pacquiao battle. The prevalence of battle can be judge from tickets, when the tickets put online deal in minutes from value ($1,500 to $7,500) made it most costly enclosing battle the history. A few journalists asserted that Mayweather jr pocket ($150 million) 60% of the income share and $100 million will got by Pacquiao (40%). After battle a few sources guaranteed that Mayweather make ($300 million) from the battle which more than any fighter win in the history. Mayweather gain nearly $275 million from the battle against Conor McGregor. His income expanded in the wake of marking long haul contract showtime which carries million to his record and made him most generously compensated competitor on the planet in 2012, 2015.

Boxing Career Earnings Floyd Mayweather Jr
Opponents Guaranteed Purse TV Rights Money Endorsement Earnings Result Year
Arturo Gatti $3.2 million $500,000 N/A Win 2005
Sharmba Mitchell $5 million $300,000 $500,000 Win 2005
Zab Judah $5 million $1.5 million $2 million Win 2006
Carlos Baldomir $8 million N/A N/A Win 2006
Oscar De La Hoya $25 million $5 million N/A Win 2007
Ricky Hatton $50 million $5 million N/A Win 2007
Juan Manuel Márquez $10.5 million $500,000 $1.5 million Win 2009
Shane Mosley $40 million N/A N/A Win 2010
Victor Ortiz $25 million $3 million $10 million Win 2011
Miguel Cotto $32 million N/A $10 million Win 2012
Robert Guerrero $32 million N/A N/A Win 2013
Canelo Álvarez $41.5 million $2.5 million $5 million Win 2013
Marcos Maidana $32 million $10 million N/A Win 2014
Marcos Maidana $32 million $5 million $10 million Win 2014
Manny Pacquiao $285 million N/A $15 million Win 2015
Andre Berto $32 million N/A N/A Win 2015
Conor McGregor $275 million $20 million $5 million Win 2017
Nasukawa $9 million N/A N/A Win 2018
Upcoming Fights N/A N/A N/A N/A 2020
Upcoming Fights N/A N/A N/A N/A 2021


He turns into the best paid fighter from WWE in the wake of participating in WWE headliner. in 2008, Mayweather Jr acknowledged the demand from Big Show at No Way Out primary card battle at (WrestleMania XXIV). WrestleMania XXIV, netting $23.8 million in income which makes it costly compensation per-perspective on WWE ever in the history. A report uncovered that, Mayweather Jr procure $20 million from the battle against Big Show. After him, Tyson Fury acquire $15 million for battle against Braun Strowman. All data with respect to Mayweather Jr income accumulated from confided in sources, on the off chance that he participate in future bouts the subtleties refreshed here later.

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