Pak National Assembly Speaker effected COVID-19 As the test positive

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Pakistan’s National Assembly (NA) speaker Asad Qaiser has tried positive for the novel coronavirus and went into self-disconnection, he affirmed in a tweet.

“I tried positive for coronavirus and isolated myself in my home. I encourage the whole country to take preventive measures,” he composed on Twitter on Thursday after he got his test report from the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Islamabad.

Qaiser’s sibling, Abdul Wahid affirmed to The Express Tribune that the NA speaker’s child and little girl were additionally tried positive for the infectious sickness and have been isolated.

Prior, Qaiser’s brother by marriage and sister were determined to have the infection.

Infringing upon the administration’s approach of social removing, Qaiser had supposedly facilitated Iftar-supper at his living arrangement on Monday.

He has joined the rundown of lawmakers who have gotten the fatal sickness that has so far tainted 16,353 individuals and guaranteed 361 lives the nation over.

Only three days back, Sindh Governor Imran Ismail had likewise tried positive.

On April 21, Prime Minister Imran Khan was tried after Edhi Foundation Chairman Faisal Edhi, who met him a couple of days back, was analyzed positive for the respiratory disease.

Luckily, the chief was accounted for negative a day after the test.

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