F1 launches equality and diversity task force

BBC Sport: F1 launches equality and diversity task force

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Formula 1 has established an equality and diversity task force to improve opportunity for minority groups.

The Move is part of a wider commitment that will also see F1 service initiatives fighting the coronavirus pandemic and encourage sustainability.

It complies with the start of the delayed 2020 season in Austria in July.

“At Our very first race in Austria, Formula 1 will stand united to say loud and clear that racism must finish,” said F1 boss Chase Carey.

“We Will present our entire support in fighting inequality throughout the weekend and accelerate our own attempts to earn Formula 1 more diverse and inclusive.

“As A global sport, we must represent the diversity and social concerns of our lovers, however, we also need to listen more and understand what needs to be done and get on with providing.”

An F1 statement added that the sport must make its return to competition”with additional determination to tackle the significant issues we as a game, but also society, are confronting”.

F1 says this is going to be a long-lasting strategy, also has dubbed it”we race as you”.

All Cars will sport rainbow layouts,”chosen as it has become a symbol used internationally in the current catastrophe to bring communities together”.

Carey said:”Our first race in Austria at the beginning of July is a big moment for our game after almost four months of no racing.

“While It is a significant moment for the Formula 1 area, it is also a time to recognise the issues that are larger than any one sport or country.

“The #WeRaceAsOne initiative we have launched now is that our way of saying thank you for the bravery and unity everybody across the world has shown in this unprecedented moment.

“It Are also a platform for Formula 1 to come together and reach results against the many crucial issues facing us as a sport and the world.”


And it will show”clear pledges to increase diversity and opportunity in our sport” later this week.

“This Will include setting up a Formula 1 job force which will listen to individuals from throughout the paddock, such as the drivers, as well as externals, and make decisions on the activities required to enhance the diversity and chance in Formula 1 in all levels,” the announcement said.

The Move follows a variety of interventions from six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton on the problem of race because the death of African American man George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis in May sparked protests across the world.

And it is the latest in a series of measures from F1 since it attempts to play a responsible part in the global community.

Last Year, it announced a strategy to develop into net zero carbon by 2030, and it is Working on a plan for the next generation of engines, in order to be introduced In 2026, to utilize synthetic fuels, that are made by capturing carbon from The atmosphere.

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