August 5, 2020

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NEC and D-Wave Agree on Joint Activities for Quantum Product Development, Marketing and Sales

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To come up with the combined capabilities Japanese customers NEC Corporation and D-Wave Systems Inc., announced the opening of joint activities to aggregate the compute power that NEC’s systems provides with the quantum computing power of D-Wave’s systems, software and cloud service. For this collaboration NEC has determined a US$10 million investment in the D-Wave.
NEC Corporation is, involved in the integration of IT and network technologies, while D-Wave Systems Inc., works in quantum computing systems, software and services. Now these the two companies have agreed to collaborate on the development of hybrid quantum and classical technologies and services.
Both companies will blend the scooped features of classical and quantum computers for the development of new hybrid applications that utilize those services and make a joint marketing and sales via go-to-market activities to encourage quantum computing in Japan.
The partnership between these two companies will focus on the Development of Hybrid Technologies and Services, Development of Hybrid Quantum Applications and Marketing and Sales Activities.
Hybrid Technologies and Services work includes the developing of hybrid services capable of solving large combinatorial optimization problems at high speed with the help of existing hybrid tools of D-Wave’s Leap™ quantum cloud service which involves the aggregating of D-Wave’s quantum annealing technology with NEC’s supercomputers. Both companies will make the newly developed services available to the customers through a Leap.
Both companies will use of leap and the new joint hybrid services for the creation of practical business and scientific quantum applications for the fields ranging from transportation to materials science to machine learning.
Both companies will carry out the joint marketing activities which include conferences, media activities, training, use case collateral and quantum computing challenges to start building hybrid quantum applications. The companies also intend to make a joint go-to-market programs to further promote the quantum computing in Japanese enterprises.
NEC’s Executive Vice President and CTO Motoo Nishihara said, “Our work with D-Wave has a special focus on developing hybrid quantum computing services and enhancing related hybrid quantum software applications, accelerating commercial-grade quantum solutions globally. This collaborative agreement aims to leverage the strengths of both companies to fuel quantum application development and business value today.”
While CEO of D-Wave Alan Baratz commented, “Japan has long been a global leader in quantum computing, from the advent of quantum annealing to today’s continued commercial research and development. By combining efforts with NEC, we believe we can bring even more quantum benefit to the entire Japanese market that is building business-critical hybrid quantum applications in both the public and private sectors.”

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