Petrogress, Inc. expands its distribution operations in Europe with the lease of a new Gas Station in Greece

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Petrogress, Inc. continues expansion of its distribution operations in Europe with the addition of a Greece gas station as the parent company announced that its subsidiary Petrogress Int’l, LLC (PIL) has concluded a lease of third gas station in South Greece Sparta. Petrogress intends to renovate and manage the gas station with associated storage and operations of dispersion. Company will commence its operating in Mid July 2020. Petrogress has 2 other gas stations operating in the same region.
PIL will start and manage the operations in the all gas stations in Greece by supplying them the petrochemical products. The gas stations that are located in a major national road between the Sparta city and Gythio port where the company has ramped up and provided its “rest areas” and a service with restaurants, café and mini markets for customers. The company expects fuel sales of 100,000 gallons per month from its gas stations. The expansion will boast the revenue opportunities for the company with the distribution of more petrochemicals and lubricant products.
The company said that PIL has plans to add more gas stations in accord with the ambition to create a chain in Southern Europe. It intends to include Cyprus and other East Mediterranean countries in its future plans to meet the gas demand of increasing number of visitors market.
Christos P. Traios Chief Executive Officer of Petrogress said the expansion of gas stations is an opportunity for the company to expand its operations to the South Greece market which has growing number of tourists and visitors.
He added, “Bringing new business opportunities to fruition demonstrates our mission to establish Petrogress as a strong integrated oil company by providing upstream, midstream, downstream services and now participating directly in the retailing of our products. Our companies’ combined facilities, assets and services are not only expected to provide for enhanced revenue streams, but also ensure our future in this important international market.”

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