PubMatic Launches OpenWrap OTT
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PubMatic Launches OpenWrap OTT which Drives Ad Pod Optimization

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PubMatic, a company which delivers heavy revenues to the publishers by providing them a sell-side platform with choice of agencies and advertisers, has now announced the launch of a OpenWrap OTT platform. PubMatic program is basically a header bidding solution that concentrates on 100% of direct and programmatic demand by providing a seamless TV-like viewer ad experience.
The company PubMatic has over 8 years of experience in delivering the header bidding technology, while its Prebid Server-based OpenWrap OTT purposed to help both the publishers and advertisers to achieve the broader earning possibilities that programmatic gives by optimizing the monetization and viewer experience throughout the ad pod.
The company has already achieved the signups for OpenWrap OTT from the clients including Kidoodle.TV, Limpid, Glewed TV, Interpublic Group (IPG) and MediaMath. The company says the results of the early performance show an addition in the fill rates for early partners of more than 6x over tag integrations.
Jean Fitzpatrick, a vice president of marketplace solutions at Kinesso, which is a media and marketing technology unit of Interpublic Group, commented that the features like OpenWrap OTT features like first-look access to OTT inventory to both open market and private marketplaces, its new ad pod controls, and higher rate of flexibility in dealing will attract more buyers in OTT in the near term. He said, “We are excited by the added insight, scale and control we get with PubMatic OpenWrap OTT.”
A Chief Technology Officer at Kidoodle.TV, Daniel Riddell said, “PubMatic’s OpenWrap OTT technology prioritizes the viewer experience while also delivering header bidding auction dynamics that can help us maximize ad performance for our clients.”
While VP Video at PubMatic Jonas Olsen said, “The first priority for publishers and advertisers is to deliver a great, TV-like experience. OpenWrap OTT delivers for the viewer first, which in turn drives the business goals of our clients.”

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