Update: Geelong vs Carlton Live AFL 2020 Free Stream Online As Clash Start Round-3

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Jack Steven will create his Geelong Cats introduction this week after being called Friday as a late addition for Brandan Parfitt.

Steven Has been traded to Geelong in the end of 2019 following 183 matches for St Kilda, but Cats lovers are kept waiting for its 30-year-old to create his introduction.

Steven was exchanged to Geelong in the end of 2019 following 183 matches for St Kilda, but Cats lovers are kept waiting for the 30-year-old to create his introduction.

His first look for the Cats was postponed after he had been stabbed in the torso on May 17 during the shutdown period.

Steven has kept silent around the mysterious circumstances of the stabbing, even though the AFL is fulfilled he has no case to answer.

Carlton can not allow another slow start get in its way contrary to a Geelong Outfit that’s full of confidence after a huge win over Hawthorn.

The Blues will be looking to draw some Excess motivation from some Milestones, together with Jack Martin to celebrate his 100th match while Kade Simpson will equivalent John Nicholls’ tally of all 328 matches in Navy Blue.

Commencing in 3pm, the scrape game was performed in similar situation to a week’s competition with Melbourne.

Occurring over four 20-minute time intervals, this week’s Match was played 16 on the floor for most: Geelong used three to the interchange, while Carlton’s accessible players spent the entirety of this match on the floor.

In a match at which Tom De Koning appeared unscathed in his

Spending Nearly All his time at midfield, Kennedy struck The scoreboard and utilized his physicality to his edge in his very first match of soccer because the Marsh Community Series opener against Fremantle.

Philp utilized his explode to full effect because of both majors In the center, while Honey’s power was on screen in a midfield-forward function.

Lochie O’Brien attracted his conduct and proceed into the table and hit on the scoreboard with two aims, whilst Liam Stocker and Matthew Owies built into the match.

How to watch Geelong vs Carlton

Channel 7 and Foxtel have rights to broadcast AFL matches in Australia and it varies from state to state. You can see a full breakdown of the 2020 AFL draw here.

But just like Geelong vs Carlton on Saturday, this clash is exclusive to Fox Footy. That means Foxtel iQ, Foxtel Now and Kayo Sports are your only viewing options nationwide for this clash between two of the competition’s bigger clubs.

For access to every game in every round live, you need Foxtel or Kayo Sports. There is also the AFL Live app you can use across the season, plus Watch AFL if you are overseas. We have a full guide to the AFL season here.

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