Tomorrowland Livestream: See Set Times & Stages || Katy Perry Teases Her Setlist For This Weekend’s

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Live shows aren’t even happening this Season, but the Planet’s biggest Dance music festival, Tomorrowland, is still vying to be the most massive event of this season.

Happening this weekend (July 25-26), the Tomorrowland Around the Katy Perry are also making a special appearance.

In a press conference held earlier today (July 22), Perry combined Aoki, the Nervo sisters, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, festival founder Michiel Beers and Guetta (who Zoomed in from a boat in France( obviously ), to discuss her thoughts on the event.

“Well, it is very cool, and I want to be cool,” the pregnant Pop star joked of her choice to play the function. “But actually truly, I believed it had been so revolutionary of a festival to say’Alright, understand what? F–k it. We are just going to pivot, and we are going to bring something quite technically innovative and difficult, but we’re going to make something amazing out of the mess. So I really admire and respect how the festival went and did it.

“And essentially some of my other pop buddies like miss Dua [Lipa] and So forth have done the festival,” Perry continued,”so I felt really in sync with the roster of old and am happy to be invited and included in this new manner of performing it.

Perry also stated that she gathered her festival collection list for the Tomorrowland crowd, promising to perform EDM-ified versions of her recently released tunes”Smile”and”Daisies” and that she will be “leaning in” to the festival’s style with her orange hair

Participating artists recorded their collections before green screens See renderings of four of those eight festival stages, along with this weekend’s setup times, below.

“It doesn’t matter that it was just ten individuals,” Guetta stated of Recording his collection at the studio with the festival group. “I had been using them to imagine the 100,000 individuals of Tomorrowland.”

Guetta went on to say the live stream is”the only festival that Gets the guts to not only try a new creative version in terms of artistry, but also an economic model, since we don’t have any clue how it’s going to , but I admire that you are willing to take the risk and doing something innovative and that is how we generated that scene altogether, by doing things that haven’t been achieved before.”
$22. The two-day price including per week of video-on-demand content from the occasion. The event will broadcast from 9 a.m — 7 p.m ET, together with”time-zone-friendly” choices for people tuning from North or South American and Asia.

Festival programming also includes’inspiration sessions” featuring Talks from environmentalists, explorers and stars including And Shaquille O’Neil, who had a significant viral moment at Tomorrowland 2019.

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