Helios The Deconstructor Prime Build Warframe – Guide

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Before we go into the Deconstructor Prime build guide let’s talk about the history. Warframe is one of the top-played role-plays action multi-player online games. Digital Extremes published it in march 2013. Windows users can only enjoy the game at that time. However, it was available for the PS4 in November 2014 and reached Xbox in September 2014.

Tenno is the race on which this game is all about, which is said to be ancient warriors that woke up after the centuries. They woke up in and found themself in a war on their planet. They use their power and weapons to defend themself and their palet. The players can use do missions and complete a level. The game is getting updates and a new playing area. The game has shooting parkour or roleplay to make it more interesting.


Warframe is one of the most played games and one of the most popular games of all time. One of its most famous parts is its Deconstructor which is the weapon for the helios, which also has a primed version, It comes with some utility mods. The unique part of the deconstructor is that it does have a critical chance of zero, Which means that it is highly efficient or effective against critical damage. The critical damage is just useless against it. But you can only use this with helios or its prime version.

Only Helios prime or Helios sentinel can use The Deconstructor Prime weapon that is built for the sentinel. The Helios sentinel or Helios prime’s, prime version is the Deconstructor Prime that features the improvement of damage.  Helios prime’s this weapon is the most advanced weapon and this weapon use melee mode. This weapon can be sold at 1250 credits. The sentinel weapon can automatically be acquired by using the Helios prime build. It will only take one sentinel inventory slot.

Since this does not have any critical chance of damage so the build will only focus on adding status modes. You might not necessarily need to use corrosive damage and you can always change the elemental damage type. You can add two additional damage mods in your build to improve the damage output.


This weapon can do 3 types of damage. Impacted or corrosive is the 1st one, Slash is the 2nd one, and puncher is the 3rd in a sequence. When it comes to ribbons on the Deconstructor one needs to be very careful about it, anything that deals with the critical or multipliers does not exist for the deconstructor build. So one needs to get status for this.


This has the 2nd highest base damages between all the sentinel weapons. Its impact, slash, puncture sequence is very effective against all the factions. It has a very high-status chance and makes a fast projectile speed.


It does not have the critical, multipliers, or combos. that just does not exist for this. It has a slow reload speed and Projectiles have travel times.


Deconstructor prime has higher base damage than compared to Deconstructor. It has a higher impact, fire rate, and Mastery rank.

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