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Escape from Tarkov – Reserve Map Guide 2021 [All New]

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On the off chance that you are new to Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map, this guide will assist you with understanding the concentrates, plunder territories, regions to pay special mind to, and general tips to assist you with exploring your way through the escape from tarkov reserve guide and have fruitful strikes.

Hold is perhaps the furthest down the line guide to join escape from tarkov reserve guide, and its extraction focuses are more intriguing than any time in recent memory. There are a lot to utilize, however most have certain prerequisites or limitations you’ll have to meet. Prepared to learn? Peruse on for a manual for the Escape from Tarkov Reserve map extraction focuses.

On the off chance that you haven’t visited Reserve, it’s anything but a military establishment and the enveloping area, which consolidates the entry to an underground safe house. Paths in this haven opened under a bit of the constructions on the military establishment, and the update to the aide adds a couple of better ways to deal with enter and leave this underground section association.

It’s a dim, environmental region to investigate with a lot of passages to lose all sense of direction in, yet that is the place where you’ll need to head on the off chance that you plan on getting the two new journeys from the seller Prapor, which become accessible when you’re at notoriety level 10 with him.

The journeys included the update have Prapor requesting that you investigate the zone underneath the base. In the primary journey, you need to discover the escape from tarkov reserve guide passage to the dugout, at that point head in and discover a control room in the passage organization. That is it – whenever you’ve discovered the room you’re protected to go to an exfil point and complete your strike.

Escape From Tarkov

Getaway From Tarkov is quite possibly the most special Battle Royales we have run over lately, and it is developing at a pace of bunches.

What separates this game from any semblance of other driving Battle Royale games is the moderate paced, profoundly strategic development needed to get an edge over your adversary.

Maybe this is the reason it has acquired such a lot of foothold as of late. Fledglings to the game will need to play a map with the correct equilibrium of rocky landscape and structures, so the escape from tarkov reserve guide will be ideal for them. It’s a pleasant area which conveys enough plunder to endure an all out atomic end of the world.

Keep perusing for our full Reserve Map guide to Escape from Tarkov.

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What is Reserve?

Hold is in reality short for the Federal State Reserve Agency base, which houses Novinsky-2 (an airspace control focus).

As far as interactivity, this map is available to both PMCs and Player Scavs for up to 10 players.

Reserve Loot

What makes escape from tarkov reserve guide worth looking at is the crazy degree of plunder. Various territories, obviously, contain various estimations of plunder, however relying upon the keys you convey, you’ll approach high-esteem things.

Standard Scavs will generate in this map, but on the other hand there’s an opportunity for gatherings of Raiders to show up and chase down PMCs.

Two fixed weapons have been executed for this map; the ‘AGS-30’ explosive launcher and the weighty automatic rifle called the ‘NSV 12.7×108’. These will have irregular measures of ammunition, however it is certainly justified regardless of your opportunity to search for them.

Possible Loot: 

  • In the primary fortification region – 6-STEN-140-M Military Battery and other specialized/military plunder bring forth on racks.
  • In the south-eastern encased stockpiling zone (RB-PS81 Key required for section) – two Medical Supply Crates; one Technical Supply Crate; one Ration Supply Crate.
  • The north-eastern encased stockpiling region (RB-PS82 Key required for section) – four Ration Supply Crates.
  • In the south-western encased stockpiling region (RB-PSP2 Key required for passage) – four Ration Supply Crates.
  • In the north-western encased stockpiling region (RB-PSP1 Key required for section) – a Toolbox; four Ration Supply Crates; a Medical Supply Crate; a Technical Supply Crate; free arrangements; free Expeditionary Fuel Tank brings forth.


  • There are 29 distinct keys that you can use to open rooms and areas inside Reserve.
  • Presently, plundering the keys is the tedious piece.
  • These keys can be found in drawers, on the Scavs and in different areas.
  • In case you’re struggling finding keys, it would merit your time looking at the Flea Market.
  • Presently, onto the trickiest piece of all; finding an extraction point in the escape from tarkov reserve guide.

Where are the extraction points?

First on that rundown that are accessible for both PMCs and Scavs would be the reinforced train, found near the moving stock fix and upkeep stop. It’s not generally accessible, however you’ll know when a train shows up during an attack as it blares twice and stays in the territory for seven minutes.

When actuated, the entryway will be open for four minutes. The sewer vent by the upkeep and fix point (PTOR) is the last exfil recognize that anyone can utilize. It’s consistently accessible and needn’t bother with additional necessities, however has something little. You can’t have a knapsack prepared while removing here.

There’s bounty more to in any case discuss, so we will be back with a second part. To this escape from tarkov reserve guide, covering all the subtleties we passed up a major opportunity.

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