Warframe Zaw Weapon Guide – [TOP] List of Best Builds 2021

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Warframe Zaw Weapon Guide permits you to construct a weapon of your decision with the conceivable status, crit or harm support. It is a sort of match to append the best combos to make an incredible weapon.

Do you have a fantasy of an ideal edge? In Warframe Zaw Weapon Guide can be your ideal blade a weapon with numerous parts that permits you to make it the way need. In this Warframe Zaw manage, I will assist you with the best zaw works of 2020. Assembles that can zero in on high harm, speed, and crit. It is all on you what to pick, contingent upon your warframe the Zaw weapon can be utilized to enhance your solidarity. Be that as it may, for this, you should learn in insight concerning this weapon.

A Zaw is an uncommon sort of skirmish weapon that you can work in Cetus on Earth. What makes Warframe Zaw Weapon Guide so interesting is that every one is made of three separate parts of the player’s own picking.

Every one of these parts gives various focal points and disadvantages to the last weapon, giving the player a colossal measure of opportunity in building a weapon that suits their playstyle. What amount of opportunity precisely? Indeed, given the quantity of segments right now accessible, there are 1,760 remarkable varieties of Zaw you can create! So how would you construct a warframe zaw tier list that is appropriate for you? Peruse on to discover!


What is Zaw in Warframe?

Zaw is a scuffle weapon, particular sort weapon that can be gathered with three sections. You should meet Hok, an Ostron Blacksmith who runs Hok’s Anvil in Cetus. You can buy various outlines of Warframe Zaw Weapon Guide from this merchant in Warframe.

Zaw is a solitary weapon with three sections. This gives players the opportunity to pick the most ideal mix to make their own remarkable Zaw construct. The three pieces of Zaw are Strikes, Grip, and Links.

  • Strike – The top of the weapon, it comprises of mainstream connections like a blade, cleaver, sickle, sword, and so forth
  • Hold – Weapons handle which decides the assault speed, base harm, and qualities like one-gave or two-gave.
  • Connection – Decoration on Warframe Zaw Weapon Guide , a little connection to the handle. Adds a reward to the weapons with punishments.

There are 11 Strike connections, 10 Grips, and 14 connections. Every one of these connections highlights diverse details. So your Warframe Zaw Weapon Guide should accompany the best mix of every one of the three. To save your time I will share the best forms in this Warframe Zaw control.

How to craft Zaw in Warframe?

Before we start with the best form list lets first perceive how to make Warframe Zaw Weapon Guide. The principal mission is to discover Hok, a merchant on Cetus. Manage him and you will open the Hok’s Anvil menu with all plans. In the wake of meeting the merchant you can quick go to Hok at whatever point you need. Go to the Browse Wares menu to check the plans of Zaw parts.

Best Zaw Builds

I’m doing to add proposals of various Zaw parts blends beneath. Called as assemble every one has its own region of core interest. For instance more Damage or higher Speed. Contingent upon the Warframe type you can improve its by mods.

The following is the form that can get high harm, you will utilize Balla as the top of the weapon giving you a high reach assault. Be that as it may, with this choosing the correct Mods likewise assumes a fundamental part. So with the rundown of Warframe Zaw Weapon Guide part, you will see some suggested mods.

1. High Status Zaw Build:

  • Hotshot or Plague Kripath – Strike
  • Peye or Plague Bokwin – Grip
  • Ekwana II JAI – Link
  • Rhythm Royale
  • Prime Pressure Point
  • Condition Overload
  • Prepared Reach
  • Prepared Fury
  • Harmful Scourge
  • Awful Frost
  • Volcanic Edge
  • Floating contact

2. High Damage Zaw Build:

  • Dokrahm or Plague Keewar – Strike
  • Seekala or Bokwin Grip – Grip
  • Ekwana II JAI or Jai II – Link
  • Dazzle Justice
  • Blood Rush
  • Condition Overload
  • Prepared Reach
  • Berseker
  • Prepared Fever Strike
  • Sobbing Woulds
  • North Wind
  • Organ Shatter

3. High Crits Zaw Build:

  • Dehtat – Strike
  • Kwath – Grip
  • Vareet II Jai – Link
  • Dazzle Justice
  • Blood Rush
  • Condition Overload
  • Prepared Reach
  • Berseker
  • Prepared Fever Strike
  • Sobbing Woulds
  • North Wind
  • Organ Shatter

There can be different blends of Warframe Zaw Weapon Guide assemble, everything depends on the thing you are truly searching for from this secluded battle skirmish weapon. This is the reason Zaw hushes up a decent weapon to chip away at in Warframe. It gives you the opportunity to gather part dependent on your need.

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Zaw all Strikes  [Damage highest to lowest]

  • Dokrahm (Scythe/Heavy Blade) – 309 Damage
  • Plague (Scythe/Staff) – 306 Damage
  • Kronsh (Machete/Polearm) – 234 Damage
  • Rabvee (Machete/Hammer) – 234 Damage
  • Cyath (Machete/Polearm) – 230Damage
  • Sepfahn (Nikana/Staff) – 226 Damage
  • Ooltha (Sword/Staff) – 224 Damage
  • Hotshot (Dagger/Staff) – 224 Damage
  • Dehtat (Rapier/Polearm) – 224 Damage
  • Mewan (Sword/Polearm) – 224 Damage
  • Plague Kripath (Rapier/Polearm) – 213 Damage

Zaw all Grips [Damage Bonus highest to lowest]

  • Korb: +28
  • Shtung: +28
  • Kroostra: +14
  • Kwath: +14
  • Plague Bokwin: +7
  • Jayap: 0
  • Laka: +0
  • Plague Akwin: – 2
  • Peye: – 4
  • Seekalla: – 4

Zaw all Links  [Crits highest to lowest]

  • Vargeet II Ruhang: +14%
  • Vargeet II Jai: +14%
  • +7%: Vargeet
  • Vargeet Ruhang II: +7%
  • Vargeet Jai: +7%
  • Jai II Vargeet: +7%
  • Ekwana Ruhang II: – 4%
  • Ekwana Ruhang: – 4%
  • Jai Ekwana: – 4%
  • Ekwana Jai II: – 4%
  • Ekwana II Ruhang: – 8%
  • II Jai Ekwana: – 8%
  • Ruhang
  • Ruhang II
  • Jai
  • Jai II

Ruhang connect centers around harm yet costs assault speed. Jai speeds up bust expense harm, Vargeet help crit yet cost status.

Through this Warframe Zaw Weapon Guide, you will have the option to comprehend everything about the Zaw assemble. Presently going to the best form there are numerous mixes. Warframe doesn’t limit you into a couple of assembles. You can apply the most ideal mods with the particular weapon to make a solid cutting edge.


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