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Oberon Prime Build 2021 Guide | Warframe

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Oberon Prime, the Primed variation of the Oberon warframe, is currently accessible. Follow this manual for ranch for the relics and construct Oberon Prime Build.

Oberon. The woods watchman. One of the more seasoned Warframes highlighted in our construct direct arrangement. Initially delivered path back in 2013, he’s been the subject of various changes both of all shapes and sizes that changed his job in group organization and as of late made him an ideal independent Eidolon tracker. When assembling your Oberon remember that he is one of the Warframes with which you can’t simply zero in on a couple details yet should prepare a plenty of mods to support a touch of everything with the end goal for him to be successful.

The accompanying form utilizes Oberon Prime Build to accomplish the vital details yet you can utilize the non-prepared variation and different mods to underscore the details required for the form to work.

Warframe is a game that has perhaps the most adaptable class and catalyst frameworks no matter how you look at it. You can in a real sense discover a huge number of blends of Warframe, weapons, and mods to truly make the framework your own. Today we put the focus on Trinity Prime Build with our best form and somewhat about how to play him the most successfully.

Oberon Prime Build is a paladin-like Warframe who utilizes his capacities to recuperate and secure his partners while likewise utilizing them to harm and disturb his adversaries. He is incredible for both supporting and being a principle job because of his oberon prime hallowed ground build giving him an advantage in a few circumstance while fundamentally zeroing in on keeping everybody alive and causing swarm control.

How to farm for and build Oberon Prime

Oberon Prime Build

Oberon Prime is accessible starting the present Prime Vault 27.1.1 update for Warframe. The last choice may take a touch additional time, yet you’ll eventually set aside cash.

On the off chance that you decide to cultivate for Oberon Prime Build, just follow this guide for the most ideal approach to crush for the necessary relics. Discussing relics, here are the ones you’ll require for Oberon Prime’s Blueprint and the necessary segments.

Blueprint – Lith S9 (uncommon)

The Oberon Prime Blueprint has about a 11% possibility in Lith S9 relics. The best spot to cultivate these are Hepit in the Void. It’s a brisk catch mission that ensures a Lith relic each time. You’ll have a 12.5% possibility of getting the necessary Lith relic.

Neuroptics – Meso 04 (rare)

One alternative to cultivate for Meso relics is the catch mission Ukko; be that as it may, the drop rate is quite low here. You’re smartest choice is to finished bounties in Cetus (Plains of Eidolon) or Fortuna (Orb Vallis). Level 3 bounties will drop Meso relics.

Chassis – Lith T3 (common)

By and by, you can cultivate for Lith relics by finishing Hepit in the Void.

Systems – Neo N11 (uncommon)

Like Meso relics, your smartest option is to finished bounties in Cetus or Fortuna. Level 4 bounties will drop Neo relics.

When you have the necessary segments, here are the assembling prerequisites:


  • 15,000 credits
  • 10 control module
  • 4,000 amalgam plate
  • 1,500 circuits
  • 2 nitrain separate


  • 15,000 credits
  • 3 gallium
  • 100 oxium
  • 1,250 rubedo
  • 7,500 rescue


  • 15,000 credits
  • 2 argon gem
  • 250 plastids
  • 6,000 nano spores
  • 1,250 polymer pack

As the Prime variation, Oberon Prime has higher reinforcement (225 versus 150), higher energy (175/262 versus 150/225) contrasted with the first Oberon warframe.

Check It Out Abilities of Other Warframes


Oberon can convey energy to harm numerous adversaries, invoke exemplary fire to harm and befuddle his adversaries, mend himself and his partners and lift foes at that point pummel them into the ground.

His aloof capacity helps the wellbeing, shield and covering of pet friends just as gives his own a moment resuscitate once every mission.

1) Smite

Oberon sends a shot that harms an adversary and applies a radiation proc what parts into a specific measure of circles that harm different adversaries dependent on the wellbeing and shields of the primary objective.

This capacity is incredible for offense and can clear adversaries rapidly because of the various shots that spread after the primary effect which make this an extraordinary capacity for managing harm and applying a radiation proc to an adversary.

The scope of the capacity gives you a bit of leeway allowing you to position and time the Mesa Prime Builds capacity option to strike a few adversaries and even pick the correct objective to augment the wellbeing and shields based harm.

2) Hallowed Ground

Oberon Prime Build

Oberon Prime Build the ground in to ignite with honest fire, managing harm to adversaries with an opportunity to proc the radiation status impact.

This capacity is extraordinary for both managing harm to numerous adversaries just as managing swarm control and even better because of the radiation proc, foes will ultimately wind up battling one another.

At the point when Renewal is projected, partners will acquire a buff that expands shield as long as they are nearby impact of the capacity (buff remaining parts for a while if Renewal is deactivated).

Increase Mod: Hallowed Eruption permits you Hallowed Eruption again to bargain the remainder of the harm completely alongside a 100% status chance for radiation.

3) Renewal

Upon enactment, Oberon will burn-through his energy to reestablish life of himself and his partners at the expense of energy each time somebody is recuperated.

With this capacity, Oberon Prime Build can expand the survivability of himself and his group causing missions to have a superior possibility of progress just as lessening the odds of partners passing on. Enlarge Mod: Phoenix Renewal makes you or your partners recuperate with a chill off of 90 seconds.

4) Reckoning

Oberon Prime Build utilizes his energy to lift foes very high at that point hammer them into the ground, managing radiation harm. At the point when foes are murdered by utilizing this capacity. There will be an expanded possibility that they will drop a wellbeing sphere. Any adversaries still alive in the wake of Reckoning is projected while remaining on. Hallowed Ground will have their protective layer forever diminished making it simpler for them to murder.

Adversaries that are influenced by the radiation status impact will take additional harm. The individuals who endure will moreover make close by foes be blinded for a brief timeframe. Retribution is an incredible capacity and can be utilized in a few circumstances. It does a lot of group control just as harm which can rapidly turn. The battle around when confronting different foes.

Expand Mod: Hallowed Reckoning will make adversaries abandon a territory that will build defensive layer for partners by 250 and bargain 150 harm to foes for a term of time.

Suggested Builds

Strength Build

The Strength Build centers around managing however much as harm as could be expected with Oberon Prime Build capacities permitting. To clear adversaries snappier and have a lift with different rates that depend on his capacity strength.

A little disadvantage to the form is that his capacities will cost somewhat more. Destroy will release more spheres after hitting the essential objective, permitting you to hit a few adversaries with the capacity. Blessed Ground will bargain more harm and have a higher status chance alongside a slight expansion in term.

Duration Build

The Duration construct is intended to have however much span as could reasonably be expected without influencing. The scope of the form while as yet holding a decent measure of capacity strength and reach. This offer like the past, experiences a diminished measure of capacity proficiency. Yet is compensated for by the other details that influences the capacities.

Destroy will have expanded harm and the scope of both projecting the capacity and the spheres reach will be expanded. The length of Hallowed Ground will be significantly expanded with a good expansion. The point and range of the zone covered with honest fire.

Range Build

Oberon Prime Build

The reach construct plans to give Oberon Prime Build a tremendous expansion in reach to permit him. To project his capacities from a huge span just as have an enormous zone of impact with is capacities.

Destroy will have a significantly expanded reach for both the giving of the capacity. A role as well as the sphere range with still a fair measure of harm and number of circles. While having a low channel in energy over the long haul, Renewal will have a bigger reach permitting. You to recuperate partners much further away than in different forms.

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