Rubico Prime Build

Warframe: Rubico Prime Build 2021 Guide

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Probably the best rifleman and the game is likewise quite possibly the most played weapons in the game: The Rubico Prime Build highlights a high basic possibility with an OK status possibility, some punch through and high effect harm.

While it has a direct harm falloff, you actually need to carry this weapon to any open world mission, to most supervisor battles or similarly as a mix of a ‘shotgun’ and a significant distance rifle. As any prepared weapon you can basically assemble all the parts expected to create the Rubico Prime Build by opening the relics and expecting some drop karma at the same time.

A ton of Tennos utilize the Rubico Prime to carry a ton of harm to the Eidolon chase, however you can play the expert rifleman rifle in many missions and even use it as a principle weapon all over the place. Simply make a point to comprehend the preferences and impediments and you’ll have the option to slaughter foes in each mission.

In the event that you are searching for some guidance on the most proficient method to mod your Rubico Prime Build, you went to the correct site! Hello folks and welcome to another Warframe article and today we’re going to investigate another rifleman rifle that was simply delivered with the Chrome Prime Access – the Rubico Prime.

In this Warframe Guide, we will zero in on the most proficient method to get the recently uncovered Rubico Prime marksman weapon. Warframe Rubico Prime is the prepared variation of rubico prime eidolon build, including generally speaking more harm, higher basic possibility, and status possibility.

The Primed Weapon likewise includes expanded shoot rate and reload speed. Rubico likewise includes two Madurai polarities. It is without a doubt perhaps the most grounded expert marksman in the game and the quickest.

How To Get Rubico Prime

Rubico Prime Build

Presently, much the same as with some other prime weapon, you get the parts for Rubico Prime Build from relics. See this article to discover which relics you need to air out and what are the best places to cultivate these relics.

Rubico Prime Stats

The Rubico Prime Build is a self-loader marksman rifle that expects you to be in any event dominance rank 12 to utilize it and does 187 harm for every shot: 149.6 is sway, 28.1 is cut, and just 9.3 is cut. It starts up to 3.67 rounds each second with 5 rounds in the magazine 72 rounds altogether, and a respectable reload season of two seconds. It accompanies two distinctive zoom levels. The first being a 2.5 occasions zoom which will allow you in addition to 35% reward basic multiplier. Also, the subsequent one is 5 time zoom which will give you half reward basic multiplier.

Rubico Prime Build

Rubico Prime 4 Forma Build Now the Rubico Prime Build I went for is a beautiful stout four forma fabricate where I’ve added a V, two runs, and a D. Furthermore, the mods I’m running are Serration for more harm, Split Chamber for multishot, Point Strike for crit possibility, Vital Sense for crit harm, and Vigilante Armaments for more multishot. At that point since I’m utilizing this form primaraly to chase Eidolons I added Primed Cryo Rounds for cold and Hellfire with Stormbringer for radiation.

Rubico Prime 2021 Guide

The Rubico Prime is an essential weapon, a chamber magazine based sharpshooter rifle, it is a Prime variation of the Rubico.


The Rubico Prime is the Prime variation of the Rubico, holding a large portion of its details with a couple of changed also.

The Rubico Prime has the accompanying base details:


  • Precision: Has an exactness of 13.3 ready to precisely hit adversaries at low to high ranges.
  • Basic Chance: Has a 38% opportunity to bargain basic hits per shot. (30% for Rubico)
  • Basic Multiplier: Shots bargain 3x more harm on basic hits.
  • Fire Rate: Fires around 3.67 rounds each second. (2.50 for Rubico)
  • Magazine: Capacity of 5 shots for every magazine.
  • Commotion: Shots are disturbing and will caution foes when discharged.
  • Reload: Takes 2.0 seconds to reload another magazine. (2.4 for Rubico)
  • Status: Has a 16% opportunity to proc status impacts per shot.(for Rubico)
  • Trigger: SEMI – fires a round each time the trigger is pulled.
  • Harm Types: Deals 149.6 Impact, 28.1 Puncture and 9.3 Slash (144 Impact, 27 Puncture and 9 Slash for Rubico)

The Rubico Prime requires a Mastery Rank of 12 preceding it very well might be utilized by players and constructed utilizing its plans and Prime parts.

The Best Rubico Prime Builds

A significant data about sharpshooter weapons is about the Shot Combo Counter, which fundamentally expands your harm yield each time you effectively hit your objective. The Rubico Prime has exceptionally low shot combo prerequisites and right now begins with a 1,5x harm multiplier after one shot and can go up to a 5x harm multiplier after 2.187 effective hits in succession.

While this is quite solid, the Rubico Prime Build additionally includes an exceptionally short reset clock (two seconds) for that, which essentially implies that following two seconds of not hitting an objective, you lose one entire combo counter reward level.

Since the fundamental reload is at precisely two seconds, you will experience difficulty getting a high combo counter without the aides of a mod like Harkonar Scope or a more limited reload time.

The Standard Rubico Prime Build

This form includes an exceptionally high basic possibility (more than 100%). A decent basic multiplier and furthermore an OK status possibility. You truly need to acquire two basic harm mods more than the +60% status chance natural mods. To expand your harm considerably further.

The greatest shock may be not utilizing Heavy Caliber. Yet particularly in the event that you plan on utilizing the expert sharpshooter on farther away targets. You will lament bringing negative exactness.

The Impact Munitions Build

This thought is very near the standard variant and furthermore includes a high basic possibility with. A high basic harm multiplier.

Be that as it may, rather than utilizing two essential mods this form rather picks. Crash Course to build the generally high Impact harm of your Rubico Prime Build.

The form additionally utilizes Hunter Munitions to bargain slice harm. With each shot (since you do have over 100% basic possibility, so every shot is a basic hit).

The Headshot Build


This form is like the past form except for trading out Vigilante Armaments for Argon Scope to additional increment the basic possibility with headshots.

Moreover, since Split Chamber alone just allows 90% opportunity for a multishot, clients may trade this out with another favored mod.

The fundamental focal point of this form is to utilize the Argon Scope mod, managing a headshot and exploiting the buff you get after.

It isn’t totally needed to continue managing headshots, basically shooting an adversary and handling a headshot will trigger the buff and afterward the client may essentially shoot anyway they like for the rest of the buff.

Elemental Damage and Status


Zeroing in less on basic capacities and more on natural harm and status, we hold the Serration, Heavy Caliber, Split Chamber and Vigilante Armaments mods. We account for 2 essential harm mods and 2 natural harm and status mods zeroing in on more basic harm and an expansion to status possibility.

This form is useful for managing a lot of natural harm to adversaries, misusing their shortcomings. To components which might be either a blend of 2 or a solitary component. This form adds a respectable status opportunity to the weapon, anyway. Because of the great basic possibility and aloof from the zoom, the Rubico Prime will in any case bargain basic hits.

This form may likewise be arranged into a half breed for basic harm also by eliminating Vigilante Armaments or potentially Split Chamber and supplanting it/them with Argon Scope and another mod of the client’s decision.

Warframe Rubico Prime

Rubico Prime Build

Likewise with all Primed variations, you can purchase either The Primed Vault or homestead for its parts through relics. Here is the manner by which to cultivate for Rubico Prime Build, including the relics that will give you Rubico Prime parts:

Meso R1 Relic – Rubico Prime Blueprint (Rare)

It is the quickest method to cultivate for Meso Relics since you can complete 5 influxes. Defense in 3-5 minutes or under utilizing Saryn with 50m territory. Some other great AoE outline like Gara or Mag with comparable reach. Meso T3 drops in ‘A’ revolution.

The foes here are powerless; around 15-20 level so you don’t actually require a lot of Strength. Utilizing Overextended here is suggested. Rehash this mission after each 10 waves for most extreme productivity.

Lith O1 Relic – Rubico Prime Receiver (Common)

To cultivate for Lith O1, I would suggest Everest on Earth. It is the quickest ranch for Lith relics since you can complete 2 rounds. Excavation in a short time 20 seconds under ideal conditions.

Lith relics drop each B and C rounds on Everest. Removal drops a thing each round on Everest. It additionally gives 100 Cryotics in brief 40 seconds for example after each removal.

The adversaries here are frail, beginning from Level 1. Utilizing a guarded edge like Frost is incredible on the grounds that it will require. Some investment for foes of this type to pop his Globe.

Lith B5 Relic – Rubico Prime Stock (Uncommon)

Same as Lith 01, I would suggest Everest on Earth. It is the quickest homestead for Lith relics since you can complete 2 rounds. Excavation in a short time 20 seconds under ideal conditions.

Lith relics drop each B and C rounds on Everest. Exhuming drops each a thing each round on Everest. It additionally gives 100 Cryotics in brief 40 seconds for example after each removal.

The foes here are powerless, beginning from Level 1. Utilizing a protective casing like Frost is extraordinary on the grounds that it will require. Some investment for foes of this type to pop his Globe.

Neo H2 Relic – Rubico Prime Barrel (Uncommon)

I would suggest Hydron on Sedna in the event that you need to cultivate for Neo relics. It is the quickest method to cultivate for Neo relics. The grounds that Neo relics drop each 5 rounds for ‘A’ pivot. Utilizing Volt or some other great AoE outline with great reach is the quickest way.

Be certain you have the Energizing Dash capacity for your administrator opened through the Zenurik School. Something else, ensure one of your partners have an EV Trinity or a Harrow.

Hydron is likewise the best territory to step up your Oberon Prime Build and weapons. My tip is to bring all the weapons you require to step up here. You can step up a weapon from 0 to MAX rank in around 20 rounds for example 25 minutes.

Rubico Prime Sniper Combo and Zoom Mechanic Explained

Plains of Eidolon Poster

Combo Counter on Snipers

Presently, we should talk a smidgen about the Combo Mechanic of riflemen and particularly the Rubico Prime. As you likely know, there’s a Combo specialist in scuffle weapons based around your Combo counter which is expanded by hitting adversaries. Much lesser known is the Combo technician of riflemen. It works correspondingly as it actually expects you to hit foes in a brief period of time to develop and not lose it, however it is considerably more extraordinary to the expert rifleman rifle you are using.You needn’t bother with mods to utilize your Combo like skirmish weapons do yet rather acquire a harm reward after a particular measure of hits relying upon your marksman.

The Rubico Prime, for one, builds your harm by half on the primary hit, as of now. For examination, the Vectis Prime requirements 5 hits for that and has a much lower magazine size and fire rate. Coincidentally, various hits from multishot tally towards our combo counter, as well. Here’s a table on the wiki showing the number of shots you need for each combo level.

That adds another highlight the rundown of why Rubico Prime is the best marksman for chasing Eidolons in 2021.

Zoom Bonus on Snipers

As you would have heard as of now, Snipers additionally acquire an exceptional reward while zooming in. This reward is, once more, extremely novel to each rifle and as a little mystery.  Rubico Prime’s zoom reward is truly outstanding.

On the main zoom-level (2.5x) you acquire an extra 35% basic multiplier. The subsequent level (5x) awards an entire half! To contrast this with the Vectis Prime, it gets 60% reward headshot harm on the most elevated zoom. With the remarkable basic details of our Rubico Prime Eidolon Build, extra basic multiplier. It isn’t hands down the best detail we might actually get yet the Vectis’ headshot harm. Must be utilized against Eidolons in the absolute last stage as their appendages don’t have a “head”.

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