Stardew Valley Gift Guide

Stardew Valley Gift Guide – Best Gifts and Location

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Making companions in Stardew Valley Gift Guide is essentially a matter of conversing with and offering endowments to the inhabitants of Pelican Town and somewhere else in the game world. Making companions will show your character new plans and residents will send endowments via the post office once they like you all around ok.

This can likewise prompt your character wedding a resident and them turning into your significant other or spouse. Stardew Valley considers same-sex marriage, for those intrigued.

Perhaps the most noticeable topics of Stardew Valley is opportunity. Eliminating yourself from the shackles of a sterile and cutthroat corporate machine to tend the earth is, all alone, enough to interest the most stone-hearted of us. However, that through line addresses significantly more than developing harvests. In Stardew valley gift guide printable there is no extreme end-game objective outside of “have a good time.” Yes, you can fish, battle beasts in the mine, modify the public venue, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, yet it’s never a necessity. You can seek after any exercises at your relaxation.

To raise your kinship level with locals in Stardew Valley Gift Guide, you should give them blessings, just as help out in journeys and react fittingly in discussions with them.

You can give any individual resident two presents each week, in addition to a third on their birthday. The present got for their birthday has a supported impact on the present’s kinship rating, so pick astutely.

Stardew Valley Gift Guide

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The characters’ names are likewise in sequential request, just to make it simple for you to look down to whichever locals you need to discover Gifts for.

Leo is the essential new NPC presented in the most recent fix for Stardew Valley Gift Guide. Abandoned on Ginger Island for quite a while, he has come to consider the nearby parrots his loved ones. Get to know him can take some work, however you, as well, can bring Leo around.

If it’s not too much trouble, know about spoilers underneath, as this substance has not come to comforts yet. Stardew Valley’s reassure players can likely expect the 1.5 fix containing Leo to come some time mid 2021.

Most locals have at any rate one exemption for these rundowns (for instance, while Prismatic Shard is a Universal Love, Haley abhors it, so it gives a major lift for each resident, aside from Haley, where gifting it will have a major negative impact.

Underneath, you can see a guide for every Universal class. Make certain to check the particular NPCs page for a full breakdown of each character, including exemptions.

How to Make Friends in Stardew Valley: Talking and Gifts



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Every resident in Stardew Valley Gift Guide can be given one present each day, up to two every week (with birthday events as an exemption and a possibility at 3 presents in a single week). To give a blessing basically put it on the bar and utilize the thing while at the same time drifting over the resident. At the point when they like what you’ve given them, you will construct a part of a heart, which demonstrates how well they like you.

In the event that they disdain that thing, it will bring about a decrease, and not conversing with. Them for quite a while may likewise see those connections rot. Conversing with them one time each ten days will stop any rot. To get the relationship back to where it was. By interfacing with them all the more much of the time. You can make gains simply by conversing with the resident consistently.

Simply don’t give them things they scorn. These Stardew Valley Gift Guide endowments give distinctive point esteems, however insofar as you stick to great or incredible (the best) presents for that resident, you’ll gain ground and develop the fellowship. Each heart level requires a similar measure of exertion, so it isn’t care for leveling an ability.

Journeys from the work board by Pierre’s, gifting on birthday events, and presents on vacations like. The Feast of the Winter Star, where you are allocated a Secret Santa. Give Stardew Valley Gift Guide undeniably more advancement on building hearts so make the most of those chances. Take a gander at the schedule close to Pierre’s to see when a NPC’s birthday is during that season. The rundown of best presents beneath.

List of Gifts Most NPCs Like

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A resident may ‘love’ these things, yet ought not despise them. Some Stardew Valley Gift Guide adoration them and are noted in the greater rundown underneath. This isn’t great yet should set you toward a path. Search for the name of the NPC you’re attempting to get to know with Control + F. To check whether they show up underneath in the rundown. Large loved things just as their fundamental section in the huge rundown.

Craftsman Goods – the greater part will turn out well. A couple of abhorrence explicit sorts: Penny and Sebastian with Pale Ale/Wine (Beer man). Some aversion Mayo, Jas and Vincent scorn all Artisan Goods.

  • Espresso – Everyone appears to like it!
  • Cooked Items – Except Bread, Hops, Fried Eggs, Sashimi, and Wheat. Krobus despises cooking, and Willy just likes fish dishes. A couple (Emily, Kent, Evelyn) loathe Sashimi
  • Blossoms – Most NPCs like blossoms, a couple of abhorrence all (George) or explicit blossoms. Elliot with Poppies, Jody, Sebastian, and Maru with Daffodil, and Sebastian with Dandelion.
  • Minerals and Gems – Except Quartz. Leah disdains all Gems. Elliot despises Limestone/Tigerseye.
  • Natural product Tree Produce – Except Pierre (Hates Apples).


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