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Stardew Valley – How to Get The Golden Scythe

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The Stardew Valley Golden Scythe is a device acquired in the Quarry Mine. Subsequent to opening the Quarry, the passageway to the Quarry Mine can be found between the fixed extension and the Quarry, marginally toward the north. Toward the finish of the single-floor mine is a robed Grim Reaper-like sculpture holding the Golden Scythe. Communicating with the sculpture will give the player the grass shearer.

A guide for how to rapidly get the Golden Scythe that has been acquainted with Stardew Valley Golden Scythe following update.

Update has at long last been delivered for Stardew Valley Golden Scythe and this has brought a lot of new increments, for example, an exceptional four corners ranch map. Notwithstanding the guide that has made fans rave on the web, the update has additionally presented a Golden Scythe. In this guide you’ll find how to rapidly get the much-wanted thing.

The update for Stardew Valley has added fish lakes, individual banking in multiplayer just as another 14-heart occasion for each companion. Many changes are said to have been made, with the Golden Scythe being only one.

The stardew valley lost golden scythe is an instrument in Stardew Valley Golden Scythe and is additionally a weapon. It bargains low harm to beasts. It is one of five instruments that the player begins with when beginning another game. Like the remainder of your starter apparatuses, you can’t sell the Scythe.

Where to find the Golden Scythe in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley 1.4: How to find The Golden Scythe and the Reaper Cave

To discover the sickle the main thing we ought to do is take off, in light of the fact that for this we need to wear extraordinary boots and a sword from the universe, since we should enter the cavern that is north of the extension toward the quarry territory , which we will enter when it is open.

Once inside we are allowed the chance to notice a notice room, and we will see that there is an opening to go down, it is critical to remember that to discover the grass shearer, we need to finish the update from the local area of the public venue/joja shop bundle for the quarry, in light of the fact that before that we essentially can’t.

Finding the Stardew Valley Golden Scythe requires finishing the public venue pack/joja store local area redesign for the quarry. The Cave is correct north of the scaffold to the Quarry zone. Which is just accessible after the Quarry is open.

Inside you’ll see a little cavern stay with a notice and an opening to move down. I suggest you have a decent sword/boot combo prior to entering. I had the Space boots and the Galaxy sword while entering and I accomplished more than fine.

What do we find when we navigate through the cave in Stardew Valley?

What’s more, really exploring the cavern is very straightforward, in light of the fact that it gives us few streets, which leaves us with just a single explicit choice and is that of going straightforwardly toward the north, since truly it is essentially difficult to not be right, however on the off chance that we will meet a few adversaries that We detail underneath.

Skulls This is another adversary that we can discover in the messenger of death cavern, for them we should be set up with the galactic blade, since they can be overpowering when they assault in enormous amounts, since they fly, and not just that, since it additionally has a harm chip each, the skulls of these foes drop light and dim embodiments, it is acceptable to feature that these adversaries show up each time we enter the cavern, which drives us to make a brisk plundering which permits us to realize how to locate the brilliant grass shearer and the gatherer cavern.

What is the reward in Stardew Valley ?

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In this game the brilliant grass shearer is the prize we get, in light of the fact that. It most amazing aspect all, we have no compelling reason to stress over returning through where we have come. The messenger of death has a tele carrier which we can utilize, on the grounds. That each time we visit the cavern we can just transport to the passage once more. The event that it isn’t so mind boggling to realize how to locate the brilliant sickle and the harvester’s cavern. It just relies upon our ability to finish an expressed objective.

We can reason that realizing how to locate the brilliant sickle and the gatherer collapse. Stardew Valley Golden Scythe is essentially an objective that tests our actual capacities and safeguard weapons.

How to Get the Golden Scythe


To get to this thing, there are a couple of necessities we need to turn out first. Skirt this in the event that you as of now have them.

Requirement #1 – Quarry Bridge

The Quarry is opened by finishing the artworks room groups in the public venue. Complete these and rest around the same time and the extension will be fixed and the Quarry can be gotten to.

Requirement #2 – Good gear

Stuff like swords and rings are generally acquired from either the mines or Marlon in the Adventurer’s Guild. To get to the Stardew Valley Golden Scythe you should finish the commencement journeys that Marlon gives you once you initially enter the mines. The stuff can be acquired by conversing with Marlon in the organization building.

The location of the scythe

The sickle is found toward the finish of a prison found in a collapse the quarry. The cavern is simply over the finish of the scaffold. Whenever you’ve entered the cavern, move down the stepping stool. Congrats, you’ve recently discovered the prison that the sickle is found in!

The Dungeon

They are of a similar trouble as the Desert cavern. Oozes are generally natural to us however the skulls are somewhat extraordinary from the outset yet are genuinely like snakes. The procedure here is to stand by until the skull goes in to hit and hit it with the sword.

The cave has an end, and toward the end, there is a Grim Reaper sculpture grasping the sickle. Collaborate with the sculpture and you’ll get the Stardew Valley Golden Scythe.


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