Trove Guardian Location

How to Find Trove Guardian Location in Destiny 2

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Fate 2’s Shadowkeep development dispatched yesterday, taking us all to the Moon for some lunar experiences. While investigating the watch regions, you may have run over an adversary called the Trove Guardian. These amazing yellow bar, or Major, foes are difficult to murder, yet they do shroud a mysterious that is uncovered when they pass on.

Predetermination 2’s Luna’s Calling mission sees you finding another diary of Toland, the Shattered. Your initial step is finding the area of the Trove Guardian adversary, a yellow-bar Knight, who shows up in one of three puts on the Moon.

Stash Guardian is the new adversary on Moon, it’s a monster hive foe with a yellow bar. His area is changed each week, finding the correct area can be mistaking for players. In this article, I’ve composed data like his area and the chest.

Store Guardian chest in Memory of Toland the Shattered in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is a stage in another mission that you can get and finish. This is actually quite difficult. To start with, you need to sort out where to discover the Trove Guardian in the Destiny 2 Memory of Toland the Shattered Quest, which is a digit of a riddle. At that point, you additionally need to sort out some way to get the trove guardian location this week. In view of that, welcome to our Destiny 2 Memory of Toland Trove Guardian Chest Location, where we’ll respond to these inquiries.


The Trove Guardian is a remarkable Hive adversary that brings forth in one of three areas on the Moon. To discover it, you’ll just need to stick around in the zone where it produces until it shows up. When you murder the Trove Guardian, it will open a progression of imperceptible stages that you’ll need to bounce on to discover the Guardian’s chest. The stages will not appear until you get close to them, and they regularly bring forth after a brief pause, so set aside effort to ensure you point your hops right.

In contrast to some other Major-type adversaries, the Trove Guardian won’t trigger a “high-esteem target is close” message when it generates, so you’ll need to watch out for it in-game. Luckily, when the Guardian is executed, you’ll see “The Trove Guardian has fallen, and a pathway has opened” in the base left corner of your HUD. This implies that, regardless of whether you’re not the one to execute the Guardian, you’ll know precisely when another person has. We’ll cover every one of the Guardian’s areas underneath.

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Investigate the quick territory upon his end. There will be a long gliding stage that you can bounce upon. This is like what we’ve seen on Dreaming City, the gliding stages. Simply push ahead with the hopping puzzle and you’ll discover a plunder chest.

The plunder from the chest wasn’t excellent, I got a few blues and a spooky part. So this unquestionably does not merit searching for, the plunder is actually like what you would get in a public occasion.

From the start, I figured his area will remain the equivalent. Yet, when the week was reset he vanished and was on another area. That is the point at which I understood that Trove Guardian Location area likewise changes each week. Destiny 2‘s Weekly Reset has started, check Weekly Reset Guide, Eververse Inventory and Ascendant Challenge Guide.

Trove Guardian Location

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You can discover the Trove Guardian Location in one of three places: Archer’s Line, the Hellmouth, or the Anchor Light. Where he generates seems to pivot week after week; as in my examinations for this piece, I discovered him exclusively at Archer’s Line. In any case, he showed up at the other two areas too, which I’ve noted beneath.

Hellmouth Trove Guardian

This Trove Guardian generates on the west side of the Hellmouth, north of a cleft in the Moon’s surface. Once slaughtered, you’ll see the principal imperceptible stage generate over the pit of the Hellmouth.

Archer’s Line Trove Guardian

The Archer’s Line Trove Guardian brings forth behind a stone at the southern edge of the zone, close to the way that prompts the Sanctuary. Executing it uncovers a secret stage way that will take you off the edge of the guide, over the green, hazy pit.

Anchor of Light Trove Guardian

The primary Trove Guardian to uncover itself, the Anchor of Light Guardian shows up in the initial segment of the zone you come to in the wake of leaving the Sanctuary, in the three, Fallen-involved designs. This current Guardian’s way shows up close to the east edge of this region and will take you over a lot of rubble, over the zone where the public occasion brings forth.

The Jumping “Puzzle”

Whenever you’ve slaughtered the gatekeeper, you’ll get a message over your capacities bar about the way being clear or something comparative. Now, head to a close by edge to enact the little bouncing part of the journey.

You’ll have to go to the furthest limit of every stage that Trove Guardian Location shows up and tune in for the following one to generate in. They will not generally be before you, so on the off chance that you don’t see them, check out a smidgen.

At last, you’ll go over a chest — additionally set apart on your HUD — and once opened, you’ll get the Toland, the Shattered’s Notes mission thing.


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