warframe amprex build

Warframe Amprex Build | Building, Senses & Sorting

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The Amprex is a fundamental weapon, a Corpus rifle that fire out a constant electrical bar that chains to close adversaries which is good for butchering colossal get-togethers without any problem. The Warframe Amprex Build is a Corpus rifle that shoot out an electrical shaft which chains to close foes. Hi people and welcome to another Warframe weapon gather article. Today we going to research the Amprex.

The Amprex is a strong shaft weapon, yet what makes it so strong? In the wake of hitting an enemy(or dead body) it has a chain sway that plans mischief to three extra enemies in arrive at making it a genuinely profitable weapon to butcher stores of adversaries.

Undoubtedly, even the subtleties of the Amprex are entirely adequate fundamental chance and a multiplier. Also, this weapon has Electricity as its base damage. Additionally, it suggests you can save a whole mod space while modding for Corrosive.

So on a very basic level against all the different enemies on the Star Chart the Amprex is a surprising weapon. It butchers everything and the ammo usage is such a great deal of in a manner that is superior to it was already! In any case, is the Amprex still as convincing when looking against level 100 adversaries (Heavy Gunners for example)? Verifiably, yes!

What I didn’t determine before is that the Warframe Amprex Build headshot profits by Punch Through an extraordinary arrangement. Hitting a couple of foes immediately brings about substantially more chain impacts and a gigantic DPS buff. Against Corpus adversaries, for instance, the Corpus Techs, this weapon incredible as well anyway I would say the Amprex is more convincing against the Grineer.

Amprex Build

warframe amprex build

Along these lines, for normal missing I’m utilizing next Warframe Amprex Build Build: Amprex 6 Forma Build

It’s running Serration, Split Chamber, and Heavy Caliber for the mischief. By then I have Point Strike for crit plausibility and Vital Sense for crit hurt. After that I added Sinister Reach and Combustion Beam to satisfactorily butcher enemies on the Star Chart. Besides, I polished it off with Infected Clip which framed with base Electricity damage and we get Corrosive mischief.

If you are using the Amprex for adversaries to some degree higher than anticipated, you can use Hunter Munitions for extra cut procs and a Punch Through of you choice like Primed Shred/Shred or Metal Auger.

Amprex Anti-Corpus Build

To wrap things up, the Amprex Anti-Corpus Build. For this structure basically displace Hunter Munitions with Thermite Rounds for Gas hurt, that is in a general sense it.

By and large, the Warframe Amprex Build is an astounding and notable weapon that can truly deal significantly more mischief (Orange Crits) if you have a riven mod for it. How you can moreover manage increase its mischief consistently is use something like Arcane Acceleration or Arcane Rage.

At any rate, that is basically it for todays weapon manufacture article. I genuinely trust you’ve appreciated the article and it was valuable. Moreover, I’ll see you in a little while. Bye-Bye.

Best Amprex Build in Warframe

warframe amprex build

The video under will show you a couple of structures that will make your Amprex unprecedented in certain level missions. I just trust you find the video accommodating and educational. Appreciate!

Something for the most part exceptional to the Warframe Amprex Build is its limiting expert. It is granted to the Atomos, which I’ve covered already. Hitting an enemy with the fundamental shaft will cause them to exude a chain column, zeroing in on another adversary inside 10 meters, overseeing half damage. The chain bar is likewise prepared for crits and status application. The column can secure between up to 3 or 4 foes, lessening in mischief each time.

Against protectively covered enemies, a Corrosive structure is unprecedented. The Amprex has high RoF and Status Chance, which implies it procs a huge load of status. Electric base Damage, which implies it might be worked for unadulterated Corrosive mischief. Such a structure procs Corrosive as frequently as could be expected, rapidly depleting adversary support. Strikingly, the chain column can moreover proc Corrosive, allowing you to tear through the support of various adversaries without any problem. Moreover, against Infested, Corrosive is the awesome and enormous damage multiplier you can get.

Status Build


Our Warframe Amprex Build develop we a few mods for 3 of the fundamental mischief and status mods/

The clarification we use only 3 fundamental damage and status mods is because we as of now have power as our base mischief.

To achieve a blend of 2 fundamental mixes we need just put the 3 parts that are missing.

With this structure we revolve around extending the status probability of the weapon making it deal either an area mischief and damage in a locale with the compensation of making enemies more delicate.

These status impacts close by the gigantic area covered by the Warframe Amprex Build due to its chain attacks will make various wellsprings of damages enemies and is valuable for getting out foes similarly as overseeing fundamental mischief.

Half and half Build

warframe amprex build

As a blend of the both the Critical and Status build, we have joined mods from both of them to make a mutt mix of mischief.

This is a cross variety build and mixes fundamental and status properties making possibilities to deal hurt from a couple of sources, for instance, the chain attacks, fundamental hits, status effects and fundamental mischief.

This is remarkable for making various wellsprings of mischief to enemies similarly as figuring different mixes that can deal the most damage to adversaries dependent upon what segments they select.

Region of Effect Build


Zeroing in on managing more harm in a region of impact we use Combustion Beam which will cause enemies butchered to explode and deal mischief to adversaries around with a colossal effect.

This structure bases on overseeing hurt in a zone and butchering different social affairs of adversaries with the chain attacks of the Warframe Amprex Build similarly as the impacts from Combustion Beam.

Basic Area of Effect Build

warframe amprex build

With this structure we take the Critical Build and replace Split Chamber. Burning Beam using the fundamental structure with the extra damage from the impacts.

To explicit enemies while having the unique compensation of Combustion Beam to deal district hurt.

Essentially it’s the fundamental structure with a zone of effect as a turn next to the chain attacks.


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