Charge Blade Builds

Best Charge Blade Builds for Iceborne 2021

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I’m not actually the best at recollecting combos, which made the Charge Blade Builds a scary hindrance. It spooky and vexed me — half blade and shield, half strong hatchet, entirely hard for my effortlessly overpowered mind.

There’s a marvel to its intricacy, however. The move set alone takes into account different play styles, implying that there are a huge load of remarkable and assorted forms that all feature explicit benefits of the Charge Blade.

In case you’re new to the CB or are simply hoping to assemble some new forms after the most recent updates, you’ve gone to the ideal spot! This form guide will cover the basics of assembling a standout amongst other Charge Blade Builds works, just as investigate a couple of explicit forms that line up with the new meta. We should begin!

Charge sharp edges in Layered Armor Monster Hunter World aren’t to be messed with. As indicated by Monster Hunter: World, they are an incredible weapon that “transforms between a blade and shield combo and a hatchet.” Basically talking, they are, and look, eventually ruthless.

Line em up and continue swinging in Monster Hunter: World yet like some other fine RPG, consistently ensure your construct is all together, doling out powerful harm just as giving a proper guard. These forms will keep you alive and as consistently are additionally controlling formats to work toward for Charge Blade Builds players without certain costly diamonds. MHW charge blade build pc is simply excessively brimming with assortment to have a one form does everything.

Best Charge Blade in MHW: Baseline Build

To start, how about we take a gander at the benefits of the Charge Blade Builds. Similar as the Switch Ax, the CB is intended to trade between its Sword and Ax modes. Sword mode is the default — you’ll invest a large portion of your energy assaulting with your blade and energizing your phials. This mode offers portability and guard, as your substantial hatchet head turns into a shield that can avoid assaults and store your charged phials until you trade to Ax mode.

Hatchet mode is the place where you’ll go for power assaults. It offers high harm and reach, making it ideal for cutting horns and assaulting while the beast is noticeable all around. It’s likewise the mode where you’ll go for your Super Amped Element Discharge, which is the most remarkable assault that the Charge Blade Builds offers.

All in all, a decent CB construct is one that guarantees you’re managing high harm even in the less-amazing Sword mode. It likewise fabricates your phials for faster charging of your shield and hatchet, and exploits the additional protection and harm advantages intrinsic in a portion of the weapon’s moves.


One of the benefits to the Charge Blade Builds is that it’s a compelling weapon for both crude and essential harm, implying that you can go for a wide range of assembles. The best CBs will in general be the ones that use Blast harm, however it’s in no way, shape or form a need.

Similarly as with other Safi’jiiva weapons, the Safi’s Shield arrangement can be altered to accommodate your determinations with the presentation of Awakened Abilities. The base details are still moderately high, however you have a ton of space to improve them considerably further.

Charge Blade Builds

It is important that Safi’s Hellshield (which flames harm) has marginally extraordinary base details than the rest. It does 180 component harm rather than 120, and utilizations Power Elemental phials rather than Impact.

Following up are the Kjarr Strongarms, which are the Kulve Taroth CBs. These weapons stand apart in their base details, however in the way that they accompany Critical Element/Status. In case you’re going for a natural or status CB fabricate, the intrinsic ability implies you don’t need to opening it in later.


Since we have our weapons, we can begin contemplating the best Charge Blade abilities. Albeit a great deal of the overall abilities are helpful for Charge Blade works, there are a couple of explicit abilities you’ll need to focus on to exploit the CB’s mechanics and move set.

To begin with, you’ll need to put resources into Capacity Boost, which builds the Charge Blade Builds phial limit. This expands your all out harm on the Super Amped Elemental Discharge, gives you more phials for your Amped Elemental Discharge, and keeps your shield charged for 30 seconds longer.

Second, you’ll need Focus, which is helpful for basically any weapon that includes driving up a type of meter. As I’ve referenced in past form manages, this ability speeds up the rate at which those meters fill, encouraging you charge your phials quicker and swing with the substantial hits sooner.

Best Charge Blade: DPS Impact Build

For this form, we’re zeroing in on doing however much harm as could reasonably be expected across our different moves. We’ll be utilizing the Lightbreak Charge Blade for its non-Awakened crude harm, genuine Blast harm, and Impact phials.

Those of you who follow these form aides will perceive this protective layer set. I return to it a ton, however there’s an explanation it’s the current meta. The Teostra Technique is among the best defensive layer for Charge Blade Builds MHW. The set reward is an absolute necessity if your weapon depends on sharpness. Likewise, opening Agitator Secret from the Raging Brachydios protective layer. A fantastic method to keep your liking up and those basic hits coming.

With the expansion of the Challenger Charm V to exploit our expanded Agitator cap. We currently have the accompanying abilities (before beautifications):

  • Fomenter 7
  • Impact Attack 2
  • Basic Eye 2
  • Warmth Guard
  • Inert Power
  • Shortcoming Exploit 3

Best Charge Blade: Elemental Dragon Build

This form is more about natural harm, explicitly zeroing in on Dragon. I’ll be utilizing the Kjarr Strongarm as our Charge Blade Builds of decision to exploit the natural Critical Element.

Preparing three bits of Safi’jiiva covering opens the Dragonvein Awakening set reward. Which supports basic harm and fondness while your weapon’s drawn. This will be valuable for managing high harm even while you’re. Sword mode and unfit to exploit the weapon’s harder-hitting assaults.

The Master’s Charm IV gives us a couple of levels into Critical Eye. So our abilities for this form (before enhancements) are as per the following:

  • Assault Boost 4
  • Scourge Resistance 2
  • Basic Boost 2
  • Element Basic
  • Basic Eye 4
  • Safeguard Boost 3
  • Mythical beast Attack 4
  • Mythical beast Resistance 3
  • Dodge Window

Best Charge Blade: Power Axe Utility Build

Charge Blade Builds

For this form, we’re focusing our protection and abilities around the Charge Blade’s Power Ax mode. This mode is new to Iceborne and is entered by counterbalancing of the Super Amped Element Discharge. Into the Savage Ax Slash (accepting you right now have phials stacked into your shield).

The primary concern behind this form is to bargain however much crude harm as could be expected. Utilizing your phials just to control up your hatchet head and not to bargain any extra effect or component harm. All things considered, we will utilize a similar essential set as our. DPS Impact construct and opening in a couple of various abilities.

Since we’re utilizing a similar protective layer set and appeal, we’re actually exploiting. Teostra Technique and Agitator Secret, AKA the best Charge Blade Builds MHW set rewards. Which convey added sharpness and liking supports. With this arrangement, our pre-design expertise list is unaltered:

  • Instigator 7
  • Impact Attack 2
  • Basic Eye 2
  • Warmth Guard
  • Idle Power
  • Shortcoming Exploit 3

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