Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands

Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands Guide – How to Cheat Using Console Commands

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Life can be unpleasant in Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands and now and then you simply need to prevail without agonizing over being brought somewhere near restricting lines. In case you’re willing to swindle your way to the top you can totally do as such. Much the same as in Crusader Kings 2, there are a lot of orders you can use to give you guarantees, renown, attributes, insight, or pretty much whatever else in the game. In this guide we’ll disclose how to open the support orders and what cheats exist.

On the off chance that you need to enter Eu4 Console Commands, you should not be playing an Ironman Mode coordinate. The investigate menu is debilitated during those games. In case you’re in an ordinary game, there are a couple of approaches to open the order support:

  • The “‘” key
  • “Move + ALT + C”

These hotkeys possibly work in case you’re on Steam, be that as it may. In case you’re playing the game by means of the Xbox application and Xbox Game Pass, the Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands cycle is significantly more confounded. As opposed to simply opening the menu in game, you’ll have to run the accompanying code by means of the Run application.

Crusader Kings 2 Commands

Orders or impacts are utilized in scripting to change the objective that Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands was chosen with extensions and conditions.

They show up in:

order hinders (the prompt and choice areas of occasions, or comparable: impact, creation_effect, gain_effect, achievement,)

scripted impacts, which can be utilized to assemble orders into re-usable full scale.

(Scripting) orders are not the same as support orders: however some reassure orders have a scripting same, others don’t (for example player comfort order).

Crusader Kings 2

The order comfort in Crusader Kings 2 is an extraordinary method to make ongoing interaction all the more fascinating (and furthermore fix bugs!). The reassure is basically a content box that “orders” are composed into, causing the game to get things done. These things that orders can Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands cause the game to do shift from giving you cash and tech focuses, to exchanging the character you are playing as, to totally pulverizing another realm.

Utilize the connections underneath to leap to various pieces of this instructional exercise:

  • Opening the Console
  • Utilizing the Console
  • Discovering Character IDs

List of Crusader Kings 2 commands

The following is a rundown of orders and any boundary they acknowledge (all together, if multiple) with a depiction of what the order will do.

For “Character” scope, on the off chance that none is given, at that point. It will default to the player (a few orders excepted, for example, age). Most focused on orders acknowledge character ids as the discretionary second boundary.

For “None” scope there is just a single method to utilize it, for “Worldwide” scope it will flip things universally, model: marry_anyone permits ALL characters to wed anybody.

Character ascribes (discretion, interest, and so on) ordinarily range from 0-20. In any case, as the properties are put away in marked bytes, it goes from – 128 to 127. Correspondingly, the most extreme base worth a character can accomplish is 127. In any case, after stacking a savegame, the base worth will be decreased to 100 – on the off chance that it was over this worth.

<Character ID> can be found by utilizing the Stellaris Console Commands work and floating over the Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands individual’s name.

<Province ID> compares to the “ID” number found in the outline of Counties.

Supplant spaces in boundary names with underscore (_).

Crusader Kings 2 Common cheats

charinfo = Show nitty gritty character, territory, and other data in the Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands tooltip while mousing over the significant representation or symbol. Especially used to locate the significant IDs required for different cheats.

age <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or deduct character age.

disgrace (- )(#) = Add or take away players ignominy

add diplomacy <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or deduct character tact.

add_martial <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or deduct character military.

add_intrigue <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or take away character interest.

add_stewardship <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or deduct character stewardship.

add_learning <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or take away character learning.

add_trait <Trait Name> <Character ID> = Gives character any attribute.

☀add_trait immortal= adds interminability characteristic

remove_trait <Trait Name> <Character ID> = Remove any attribute from the character.

money (- )(#) = Add/deduct player gold, gives 5000 default.

devotion (- )(#) = Add/take away player devotion, gives 5000 default.

notoriety (- )(#) = Add/take away player esteem, gives 5000 default.

populace (- )(#) = Adds populace (Requires Horse Lords DLC)

Labor (- )(#) = Adds labor (Requires Horse Lords DLC)

culture <Character ID> <Culture> = Change character culture (for instance, “culture italian”).

religion <Character ID> <Religion> = Change character religion (for instance, “religion catholic”).

epithet <Nickname> <Character ID> = Change character moniker (monikers on lower part of page).

add_friend <Character ID> = Befriends the player and explicit character (Two character ID’s can be contribution to get to know two explicit characters).

add_lover <Character ID> = the player and explicit character become darlings (Two character ID’s can be contribution to belover two explicit characters).

add_artifact <artifact ID><character ID> = Give ancient rarity to a character

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