Lucian Counters

Lucian Counters – The Best Counter Picks in Lucian

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Welcome to an article zeroed in on clarifying who is Lucian Counters, what does he do best and how to counter that to guarantee a lovely game. He had a great deal of changes during this season, yet stays a decent, staple pick because of his adaptability in any group structure.

Lucian is the handyman, he is solid all through the whole game. His initial game can be viewed as the best ever, can adjust to any arrangement. You can pick him, pulverize early game, snowball and stay solid constantly, paying little heed to your group Lucian Counters. He never gets powerless. This is the reason I figure he ought to be your top boss in case you’re playing ADC in independent que.

His force spike depends on him arriving at M13 Best Class Setups, hitting a specific thing ( Serrated Dirk/Ghostblade/Black Cleaver ) and level 6/9. These are his most grounded focuses in the game where he can do a ton of sudden harm to reckless adversaries. That  is the reason you generally need to keep an eye out for how a decent Lucian Counters player moves around the guide, he can come out of the blue from various zones and simply kill you in a second in case you’re not cautious enough and get hit by all his cars and capacities.

Instructions to path against him is difficult to tell, cause all Lucians are extraordinary, some really like to play detached and ranch for a thing, some prefer to bet everything from level 1/2, however I’ll give you an overall thought on the best way to play against him.


Lucian Counters

1) Sivir

A brilliant ADC who dominates at wave clear, teamfight ing, connecting with, withdrawing, anything you need. Her pack is stunning to manage Lucian Counters during laning stage and a while later. Yet on the grounds that she doesn’t have a scramble, now and then you may get trapped. An awful spot and Lucian can crush you, yet stress not, you have a help for this. For dominances, I suggest going Warlords and out sustaining Lucian during laning stage. Ranch securely, except if you’re playing an aggresive path, where you could go. Fervor of Battle all things considered. With respect to things, attempt to back for a BF to coordinate.

2) Join

The stable marksman wonder who rejuvenated the ADC job a piece. Join’s job is to remain at a protected reach, utilize his fourth shot and Q appropriately during. Laning stage for unfathomable jab, get out with a W and simply misuse the early harm. The way that Join goes for Yuma’s aswel conveys him a major intimidation. Light of the fact that Serrated Dirk doesn’t get countered by BF like for Saver’s situation. BF just attempts to compensate for the harm by a piece, yet the impact. To do +15 harm each time you kill a flunky is stunning. Things you need to zero in on isn’t passing on during the early Lucian Counters  powerspike. Attempt to jab him or his help down with the fourth shot + Q from biting the dust flunkies which will hit like a truck.

3) Vayne

I smell dark sorcery” remarkable ADC who needs a touch of time to develop, yet once she contacts her powerspikes ( Botrk/PD ) she turns into a crazy monster. You need generally excellent miniature to play her appropriately however, soo you probably won’t win from the begining, yet with time you may improve and really win the path. Interestingly, bot depends for the most part on help and not on the ADC to win the laning stage, soo that is the reason regardless of whether you’ve dominated a boss or another, you will stl have a few issues in some cases or a simpler time different occasions.

4) Caitlyn

Lucian counterthe Armageddon of low went ADCs, she can path against Lucian pretty effectively as long as she either drives him into the pinnacle, to keep away from him utilizing the level 2 powerspike or simply getting propelled herself under the pinnacle, will level 3-4 at that point begin jabbing Lucian down and setting up traps to shield yourself from ganks or simply get a murder in the event that you will not have the option to run. You can’t stand to squander your snares however, you need to hold atleast one when pushing to ensure you have an approach to interfere with their development and moderate them down. On the off chance that Lucian Counters chooses to E into you, attempt to E > auto > Q for crazy measures of harm. Don’t hesitate to bring Fervor of Battle or Warlord’s relying upon how you feel it.

5) Ashe

Simply don’t. Ashe resembles the most exceedingly terrible ADC to convey solo que with, you need a group around her to secure her and release her force. But…if you chose to play her at any rate, there’s a couple of things which you should know. You have your W and your Q for harm right off the bat, that is all..and for Q you need to autoattack a piece before you can empower it, presently contrasted with Lucian ( 3 capacities – 1 scramble and 2 harm capacities, all which empower his latent to do a twofold auto assault ) and some straightforward math, you can comprehend that all the harm you will never really will be significantly less than the harm he will do to you.


1) Braum

The mustache support, is extremely helpful against Lucian Counters in view of his detached and his capacity. To hinder Culling with Unbreakable, he gives Lucian trouble, combined with another aggresive ADC. They can close down Lucian pretty effectively in laning stage and make. His life hellfire for the whole time of the game. Simply try not to be enthusiastic and simply play appropriately and cautiously against him. To keep away from him getting a couple of early murders and compounding.

2) Janna

A definitive „protect the ADC” support, she is truly adept at debilitating snowballs. The event that somebody attempts to go in, simply toss a twister and thump. Them up or moderate them down while protecting the individual they’re going for. During lining stage, you ought to have no issues against Farm Nitain Extract and anybody he is blending. Up with as long as you time your Q’s appropriately for separating, they can’t kill you.

3) Alistar

You can’t drain those” as Lucian Counters you truly can’t. Alistar is marvelous at making aggressive plays from the beginning, especilly with the current. Thunderlord + AP support thing which takes into consideration early level 2-3 slaughters. Couple him with an ADC like Sivir/Join and Lucian won’t make some simple memories.

4) Thresh

He who conveys Senna Lucian Counters will consistently give him trouble. Thresh is a definitive all-around help, has all that you need, will consistently be in the meta, with minor exemptions. He has CC, harm, a lamp to help your stable companions. He is truly goo during laning stage cause his harm permits him to exchange uniformly. With Lucian, particularly if taking Thunderlord for that path pressure.

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