Sasa Kai Shrine

Sasa Kai Shrine The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Sasa Kai Shrine is one of the 42 secret altars in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is uncovered by finishing the Sign of the Shadow Shrine Quest.

Sasa Kai Shrine is situated in Gerudo Highlands, straightforwardly close to Gerudo Tower. On top of Gerudo Tower, Link can discover Kass singing a legend about the Ancient Shrine. By tuning in to Kass’ melody about it, Link will start the Shrine Quest “Indication of the Shadow”. Connection should remain on a platform close to the pinnacle and shoot an Arrow at the sun around 3 p.m. When Link does this, the sanctuary will rise up out of the ground and initiate.

To get to this Sasa Kai Shrine, you will initially need to finish the “Indication of the Shadow” Shrine Quest, at the Gerudo Tower (picture1). Subsequent to shooting a bolt towards the pinnacle, enter the Sasa Kai Shrine, where you should battle a Guardian Scout (picture2).

Sasa Kai Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild. This Shrine is connected with the Sign of the Shadow Shrine Quest given by Kass at Gerudo Tower. To settle the puzzle and uncover the sanctuary, Link should be at the metal plate of the sanctum area at explicit occasions in-game. As the sun rises overhead, he should step onto the metal plate and fire a bolt directly at the sun above him. Doing so effectively will trigger a cutscene, and the Season 6 End League of Legends will ascend from the beginning to Link.

Sasa Kai Shrine Walkthrough – Modest Test of Strength

This is a battle preliminary, rather than a commonplace riddle altar. You should overcome a Guardian Scout III equipped with a sword and a lance. It has 1,500 wellbeing. Evade assaults and surge when you can.

Generally part of the way through the Sasa Kai Shrine, the small gatekeeper will dig in and twirl a laser around. Ease off and utilize the updraft to skim over the gatekeeper and strike him down.

As the gatekeeper arrives at the finish of its wellbeing, it will attempt a final desperate attempt. It will energize a laser assault. On the off chance that the animal’s wellbeing is sufficiently low, surge it and execute it before it can shoot the laser. On the off chance that the wellbeing is excessively high, run and avoid the numerous shots.

In the wake of overcoming the gatekeeper, go get the chest containing a Frostblade and address Monk Sasa Kai for a soul circle.

Location of Shrine

  • View area on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Found only southeast of the Gerudo Tower.
  • The holy place is covered up and you’ll have to address a Shrine Quest to discover the riddle. Only Southeast of the pinnacle, you’ll track down a little round stage on the ground.

Shrine Quest: Sign of the Shadow

Sasa Kai Shrine

Converse with Kass, at the highest point of Gerudo Tower, to begin the journey.

Remain on the platform toward the southeast, and sit tight for it to illuminate. This will happen when the shadow of Sasa Kai Shrine Tower verges on intersection. The League of Legends Season 6 Rewards, and can happen around evening time or during the day when the sun or moon passes behind Gerudo Tower. At the point when this occurs, point a bolt over the highest point. Gerudo Tower to finish the mission and open the sanctuary.

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