Dominick Wright Bio, Age, Height, Eazy-E Son and Net Worth

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Dominick Wright is an entertainer by calling who is notable for assuming parts in Count On Me and Mistaken. His folks are mainstream characters, and that is the reason, since early on, he needed to turn into an entertainer. Wright is additionally a biker and Model. He likewise has performed stunts for some movies. Albeit relatively few subtleties are accessible about Dominick Wright, there are some which you will discover fascinating.

So think about Dominick wright Biography here as we have assembled all the data accessible. Dominick Wright, child of one of Hip-Hop’s most infamous rappers, has picked an alternate way. He’s an entertainer today. The inquiry is, did daddy Dominick Wright leave any fortune from his $50 million fortune? Study Dominick, his life after his dad’s passing, his relationship, and that’s just the beginning.

Dominick Wright is an entertainer brought into the world to guardians Eazy-E and Tomica Wright. He has worked in films and arrangement like The Money, Mistaken, Count on Me, and some more. He is likewise a model and a biker. He has additionally been credited for stunts in different movies. Yella Beezy Net Worth total assets has been held under the covers. Dominick Wright is among the 11 children that the rapper Eazy-E had with eight unique ladies.

Dominick Wright : Background information

The birth date of Dominick Wright is 1990. His identity is American. His dad is late rapper Eazy-E. The name of his mom is Tomica Woods, who is a film maker. Since early on, he is a notable character as a result of the fame of his folks. He is an African-American.


Dominick Wright is attempting to get a major break in the acting business. He has acted in motion pictures like The Money, Mistaken, Count on Me and parts more. Also, he can be found in movies and T.V. arrangement, for example, Loyal Betrayal, God Said No, Indi wood, Along with his inclinations in acting he additionally likes to venture to the far corners of the planet with his astounding bicycle. A significant number of his posts on Instagram are with his bicycles, and numerous individuals give likes for the photographs.

At times Wright additionally models for certain organizations and performs stunts in the movies. He has acted in a creation named “Dante’s L.O.G.: Chronicles of an Assassin” which will deliver in no time. He has assumed the part of a partner in crime in the film. The film will be vile and secretive. He arrived in a short meeting on a famous Youtube channel. There are additionally energizing recordings of him on his bicycle accessible on Youtube.

Personal life

He has numerous relatives and sisters since his dad engaged with numerous ladies when he was alive. A portion of his relatives are famous like his stepsister Erin Bria Wright who is an artist. Then, at that point another of his kin Lil Eazy-E turned into a rapper like their dad.

In spite of the fact that Dominick posts pictures with numerous young ladies, he isn’t dating any of them. There is no data about his dating life. It appears as though he inclines toward bicycles more than young ladies. Yet, he is keeping his connections hidden. He has numerous devotees on Instagram who make the most of his intriguing posts. The entertainer has heaps of tattoos on his arms which he parades in web-based media.

While voyaging Wright posts pictures about the various types of food he eats in cafés. He jumps at the chance to go to a wide range of spots and breathe easy. Moreover, he loves displaying. When he presented with a few canines that got loads of preferences on Instagram. He is exceptionally close with his mom, Tomica. He posted an image with her during the mother’s day to express gratitude toward her. He likewise has a nearby bond with his sister Daijah. @actordominick is his Instagram account.

The net worth of Dominick Wright

We don’t have the foggiest idea about the total assets of Dominick Wright, yet we realize that he is a rich man. His mom’s total assets gauge is $10million. She is a maker and the proprietor of her better half’s organization Ruthless. Wright rakes in some serious cash in his acting and demonstrating vocation. He likewise fills in as a stand-in. Later on, we can anticipate Justin Roiland-TV Series he should act in numerous motion pictures. He may make a name for himself in the acting business. And yet, he is making a mind-blowing most. He cherishes his bicycle rides more than anything.

Dominick Wright’s Father Eazy-E

The youthful entertainer was brought into the world to Eazy-E (genuine name Eric Lynn Wright). Eazy-E was an American rapper, musician, business visionary, and record maker. Eazy-E was brought into the world in Compton, California, and ran into a great deal of legitimate issues while growing up.

He is likewise one of the individuals from N.W.A, a hip-jump bunch that included Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. N.W.A is renowned for their presentation collection Straight Outta Compton. Mid-way, N.W.A disbanded due to a disagreement regarding cash. Eazy-E was a rising star in the hip-jump industry. Shockingly, he kicked the bucket in 1995, experiencing AIDS-related Pneumonia.

Dominick wright

Mother Tomica Woods

Dominick’s mom is Tomica Woods Wright. She met Eazy-E back in 1991, at a dance club in Los Angeles. Eazy-E and Tomica invited a child kid together in 1993, Dominick. On March 14, 1995, Tomica and Eazy-E wedded one another, despite the fact that the rapper was hospitalized subsequent to being determined to have AIDS. A half year after Eazy-E passed on, Tomica brought forth several’s subsequent youngster, a girl. Her name is Daijah Wright.

Dominick Wright Age, Bio

Child of renowned rapper, Dominick took on an unexpected way in comparison to his dad’s and started acting. Dominick Wright was brought into the world in 1993 in Los Angeles, California. He is 27 years of age. He has ten kin altogether; one of them, Daijah, is his natural sister.

Dominick started acting in 2010. His first work was in Total Rewrite as Derrick Rhodes. Wright has worked in Count on Me, The Fairy Prince… ?, Indiewood, and Mistaken. From his profession and acquiring a portion of his dad’s fortune, Dominick Wright has a gigantic total assets of $1 million.

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