Best Motherboard for FX 8350 in 2021

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Best Motherboard for FX 8350 is the ultra-spending ruler in the event that you are searching for 100+ fps gaming at 1080p goal. You can’t go 4k on this processor, however it’s still adequate to deliver fair scores on the 3d imprint. Most game cutthroat web based games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare are GPU serious games. The CPU has relatively little material science to manage, in this manner keeping up with high framerates.

AMD FX 8350 is a seven years of age processor, yet it very well may be contrasted and Ryzen 3 CPUs, and there isn’t a lot of distinction. These FX-series processors are considered as very good quality AMD CPUs back in 2011 and are first local eight centers and eight strings CPUs delivered by AMD.

A motherboard is the core of any PC, and without it, a PC is straightforwardly pointless. Finding a motherboard that obliges the entirety of your necessities and has every one of the segments required is a test. Each motherboard is unobtrusively novel, which can make it difficult to pick. Here is our rundown of the Best Motherboard for FX 8350 to direct you on the correct way to make all your tech dreams work out as expected!

You’ve picked the amazing AMD FX 8350 line of processors for your custom PC construct, and you’re hoping to arrange various excellent parts that will perform well with it, so what’s the deal? Tracking down the Best Motherboard for FX 8350 processors is the Best Motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700x, and in case you’re searching for the ideal motherboard, you’ve shown up at the correct spot.

5 Best Motherboard for FX 8350

1. ASUS 970 Pro Gaming

We will view the ASUS 970 Pro Gaming AM3+ motherboard today. The 970 is anything but another motherboard, however ASUS has put some decent arrangement of highlights on this motherboard. It’s ideal to see an AM3+ motherboard with added highlights like the USB 3.1 and M.2 SSD. Another fascinating element of the Best Motherboard for FX 8350 is the Aura include that permits the client to alter the shading and the cadence of the installed RGB LEDs. The force segment is 8 stage yet, it utilizes a 7+1 format rather than the standard 6+2 design. This implies that it has 7 stages committed to the processor and one for the CPU-NB. This is one region where mid-range motherboards generally endure and limit their overclocking capacities. The 970 PRO has RGB LED brightening, as a feature of the “Quality” setup of motherboards, under the south-connect heat spreader.

Counting presets that will offer heartbeat to the thump of the music you’re paying attention to or even set it so the shading scales as per the temperature of the CPU. First thing, ASUS 970 PRO Gaming gives sufficient capacity to a respectable overclock with their 8 stage plan. ASUS has incorporated “prevalent gags” that assist the CPU with working to 13.6% cooler, for additional solidness and 10 thousand capacitors from Texas instruments, designed to have the option to oppose outrageous temperature varieties going from – 70°C to 125°C.

The Good

  • Profoundly tough parts
  • Digi+ VRM voltage-controller module is one of the best in the business
  • 4 LEDs demonstrate issues with the CPU, memory, illustrations card or boot gadget
  • RGB LED Illumination

The Bad

  • Costly


Best Motherboard for FX 8350

The Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 from Gigabyte’s Ultra Durable 3 series has two PCB layers with 2oz copper and has a double BIOS if there should arise an occurrence of a terrible BIOS update or slammed BIOS chip. The GA-990FXA-UD3 has a fine completion and has even hued connectors with an imprint for the extremity within the front board connector. This Best Motherboard for FX 8350 upholds 2-Way CrossFireX or Nvidia SLI and offers four PCIe 2.0 video card openings. One card can work with x16 transfer speed, or two cards can work in x16 transmission capacity and two cards work in x4 transfer speed.

It’s not important to get a SLI/XFire change card to get the ideal performance for single or CF activity. Aside from the four PCI Express 2.0 openings, there are two x1 PCIe 2.0 spaces and one PCI space. The Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 upholds DDR3 RAM up to 32GB. The memory can be upgraded in the BIOS for 800, 1066, 1333, 1600 clock rates and quicker Dual Channel modules. 2000 or higher clock rates can be accomplished by overclocking. Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard has six SATA3 6Gb/s connectors and two eSATA3 ports.

The Good

  • 4x PCI Express x16 spaces (2x running at x16 + 2x running at x4)
  • Backing for AMD CrossFire and Nvidia SLI
  • 2x eSATA and FireWire ports
  • Less expensive

The Bad

  • Programming could be better
  • No RGB Illumination

3. ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0

ASUS motherboards are notable for their excellent segments and right now one. The first class motherboards’ wheats for AMD CPUs. ASUS M5A99FX PRO is a mid-range motherboard yet valued at passage level motherboards. This motherboard accompanies AM3+ attachment and AMD 9900FX chipset, which can run your FX 8350 out of the case and furthermore in reverse viable with Phenom and different processors. It is an ATX motherboard and has each component a spending PC requests. It accompanies dark shaded PCB for certain blue segments on it, including VRM heatsinks and PCI openings, yet I would not say I like this shading plan.

This motherboard performs well in general, has superb overclocking power, a great deal of capacity and availability interfaces, and doesn’t break your bank. AMD FX 8350 sudden spikes in demand for 4.2Ghz on max super, yet with this motherboard, you can hit 4715 MHz at 1.43 volts, and that is not terrible. ASUS M5A99FX PRO has four RAM DIMMs which support greatest memory up to 32GB at a clock speed of 1866Mhz and OC up to 2133Mhz. Best Motherboard For i7 7700k has two PCIe Gen2 x16 openings, two PCIe x16 spaces with x4 mode, one PCIe x1 opening, and one PCI space for extension cards. This motherboard support quad AMD Crossfire and quad Nvidia SLI innovation.

The Good

  • Great performance.
  • High base clock memory support.
  • A lot of availability choices.
  • Broadened heatsink over the VRM.
  • Somewhat pricy yet at the same time affordable for FX 8350.

The Bad

  • Wrong position of PCIex16 openings and can’t use all spaces.
  • There are some other best choices accessible for low cost.
  • Shading plan isn’t exactly great however that is minor before its performance.

4. ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0

Best Motherboard for FX 8350

ASUS M5A99X EVO is an ideal amd fx-8350 motherboard combo, and an extraordinary option to the motherboard referenced above, and the two of them are from a similar line-up. The plan and highlights of this motherboard are like M5A99X Pro; notwithstanding, one PCIx16 opening is supplanted by PCIe x1, and there are some other minor changes. This motherboard doesn’t have an incorporated illustrations card no the CPU has, so you need to consider a devoted GPU for it. Likewise, with ASUS UEFI BIOS, you can without much of a stretch overclock your processor with it, and it additionally upholds AMD Bulldozer CPUs.

Generally, this Best Motherboard for FX 8350 is advanced with all highlights a gaming PC requests, and ideal will be ideal for AMD FX 3850. ASUS motherboards are notable for their innovations, and this motherboard is additionally loaded with every one of them. On the off chance that you like to utilize high-recurrence DIMMs, it upholds double channel up to 2133Mhz (OC) and greatest memory up to 32GB, which is sufficient for current games. For designs cards, it has two PCIe x16 Gen2 openings, two PCIe x1 spaces, one PCI x16 Gen2 spaces with x4 mode, and one PCI space for development cards.

The Good

  • Backing for AMD Bulldozer CPUs.
  • Simple to overclock.
  • 3-years producers guarantee.
  • Quad SLI and Crossfire.
  • Expanded heatsink over the VRM.

The Bad

  • Pricy and practically like other ASUS models.
  • With numerous GPUs, PCI openings restricted to x8 mode.
  • Comes up short on certain embellishments for the front board.

5. MSI 970 GAMING DDR3 2133

MSI motherboards and designs cards are so well known on the lookout, and the primary purpose for their prosperity is great items. The quality segments increment the life expectancy of items, and alongside performance, they likewise give feel. MSI 970 Gaming is the mid-range best motherboard for amd 8350 computer processor and comes in notable dark hued PCB with some great red touch on it, including MSI identification on chipset heatsink, which gives it an alluring look cherished by each gamer. It’s anything but another motherboard, however MSI puts a bunch of highlights, including SATA 6GBPS and a lot of USB 3.0 ports in it. This motherboard upholds each AMD AM3+ attachment processor and offers great overclocking choices. Additionally, it is in reverse viable with Phenom and other series processors. For cooling the VRM, it has broadened heatsinks, which permits most extreme warmth dispersal.

This motherboard has two PCIe x16 spaces, two PCIe x1 openings. One PCIe x16 x8 mode space, and one PCI opening for extension cards. It has two USB 3.0 ports for the front, two USB 3.0 ports for the back, six USB 2.0 ports. For the front, eight USB 2.0 ports for the back, and six sound ports on I/O. You can introduce numerous AMD and Nvidia illustrations card on it as it upholds SLI and Crossfire. It accompanies Click BIOS, which is much simple to utilize, and you can undoubtedly tune your framework with only a couple clicks. This motherboard has a moderate list of capabilities, and furthermore. It needs upholds for the new interfaces, including USB Type-C and Type-A. It has no equipment catches, and there are just two USB 3.0 ports on the I/O board, which isn’t sufficient.

The Good

  • Incredible overclocking abilities.
  • Best value for money motherboard.
  • MSI great parts.
  • Fast sound and ethernet regulator.
  • SLI and Crossfire support.

The Bad

  • Moderate list of capabilities.
  • Needs support for new interfaces.
  • No equipment catches
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