Amnesia Rebirth then, at that point, interface with the controls. You’ll have to pull one switch to stack the shell, then, at that point, pull it again to secure it. Different controls can be utilized to hold back nothing the entryway. When everything is pointed flawlessly, fire the tank and impact the door. The tank will lose equilibrium and you’ll have a… not so amazing time… yet you’ll have finished the Fortress Gate puzzle.
To escape the tank, you’ll have to turn it once more so you can open the swinging entryways and afterward venture out and go on through the following arrangement of regions. In Amnesia: Rebirth, Tasi Trianon has a lot of hindrances tossed in her manner. In the wake of enlivening from a plane accident and exploring a progression of passages, Tasi will ultimately go over a neglected French Foreign Legion stronghold. As players before long find, the fortification’s inhabitants met with a horrifying end.
Amnesia: Rebirth: How To Load & Fire The Tank

Amnesia Rebirth: How To Load & Fire The Tank

There’s a machine before you that has a shell prepared for you, yet All New Weapons in Call of Duty you really want to track down the fixings to make explosive. The sign before you subtleties all that you really want: sulfur powder, saltpeter, and processed charcoal. On the table to one side, you’ll observe a note saying that the saltpeter has been moved to the Quartermaster’s Stores. Stress over this fixing later. To start with, see as what’s now here.
The entryway in this room is obstructed, so head down the foyer to your left side. Watch out, however, there’s a snare on the floor! Continue to drop a few doors down. The main entryway to your right side (the impeded room) has charcoal for you on the right. Put it in the machine to one side and crush it into a fine powder.
There are a few riddle filled regions to deal with in Amnesia Rebirth. A couple of hours in, you’ll run over an abandoned stronghold, where the main exit is a somewhat durable metal entryway. To overcome it, you’ll have to utilize the tank’s turret, yet first you’ll have to make a shell to take shots at the entryway. In this Amnesia Rebirth post walkthrough we’ll give you all of the information you’ll have to endure this region alive, taking you through the Quartermaster’s stocks and the Arsenal all the while.
Amnesia: Rebirth: How To Load & Fire The Tank

How to fire the cannon in Amnesia Rebirth?

The room toward the finish of the foyer has a few bodies and several cannons. Get a haggle it to the cannon in the corridor. Then, actually look at the ground to track down one more wheel close to the cannon; append that as well. At the point when you’re done, push the cannon so it annihilates the floor.
Search for an entryway with a short arrangement of steps driving down to it. Remove the key from our stock and collaborate with the way to open it. Once inside the Arsenal, you’ll have to rummage for fixings to make the Gunpowder that will fill the enormous tank shell close to the workbench with the Gunpowder formula sign.

How long does it take to finish Amnesia: Rebirth?

While zeroing in on the principle targets, Amnesia Rebirth is around 8½ Hours long. Assuming you’re a gamer that endeavors to see all parts of the game, you are probably going to spend close to 13 Hours to get 100 percent fruition.
All Monsters | Amnesia Rebirth These are altogether the beast types that are in the game. Some fiend and phantom experiences are avoided with regard to the video on the grounds that are compulsory. A portion of the experiences in the video are missable.

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