Oviraptor philodator is a small-to-medium sized carnivore, not unusual within the jungles and beaches of the Island. Despite being a carnivore, Oviraptor’s major source of food is eggs, which it steals from nests. Unlike another creature, Oviraptor seems a good way to surreptitiously scouse borrow those eggs, commonly without attracting the eye of an irate mom. In an splendid feat of herbal choice, Oviraptor seems to emit a chemical pheromone that affects many creatures as an aphrodisiac. Mated creatures are more likely to…“create” new eggs even as Oviraptor is round, which allows the Oviraptor to go about its commercial enterprise unperturbed.


Too small to fight or ride, Oviraptor is still one of the more generally tamed creatures on the Island. Its pheromone guarantees an improved flow of eggs from nearby mated wild creatures, for breeding, eating, or cooking kibble. Oviraptor will autonomously do the grimy work of stealing eggs from other tribes or wild dinos to your behalf, with out attracting undesirable interest. They additionally make quite adorable sounds, such a lot of youngsters clearly like to keep them round as as an alternative abnormal companions.


Very commonplace at some stage in the island, Oviraptor spends its days prancing round gleefully. Similarly to the Mesopithecus, the creature flees at a rather brief tempo if one receives too near or if attacked.


The Oviraptor is a small theropod that may frequently be noticed by using survivors wandering across the island searching for its preferred meals, eggs. It sports a crest on its head, possibly to attract associates, and a beak supposed for cracking eggshells open to attain the nutritious contents inside.

Color Scheme and Regions

This section displays the Oviraptor’s herbal colorings and regions. For demonstration, the areas below are colored red over an albino Oviraptor. The colored squares shown underneath every place’s description are the colors that the Oviraptor will randomly spawn with to provide an standard variety of its natural colour scheme. Hover your cursor over a coloration to display its call and ID.
This data can be used to modify the Oviraptor’s areas by using getting into cheat SetTargetDinoColor <ColorRegion> <ColorID> within the cheat console. For instance, cheat SetTargetDinoColor zero 6 would coloration the Oviraptor’s “body” magenta.

Wild Stats Level-up

Type in values of a wild creature to look on which stats it is emphasised. Green values on a high-level creature are very good for breeding. If you have already tamed your creature you can try to get better the breeding stats with an external device.[1]


Note that once the creature is tamed it receives bonuses on some stats depending on the taming effectiveness. This makes it hard to retrieve the levels on a tamed creature, so this tool is simplest for wild ones, but offers a primary influence, how properly the stats are disbursed.


The Oviraptor is effortlessly killed by means of both ranged and melee attacks, the only problem being its velocity and timidness. It will run at the primary signal of touch and could be very rapid, so cornering the animal or the usage of a bola to immobilize it is mandatory.


Being a very speedy and really small goal, the high-quality way to tame an Oviraptor is to apply a Bola to lure it earlier than it flees. If you have a flying mount, it is a good idea to construct a fenced in-vicinity, then pick up the oviraptor and drop it inside for a safe, comfortable tame. Even a Pteranodon can pick out up an Oviraptor conveniently.


Use a bola to preserve it in place, then use torpor-applying equipment to knock it out. Beware of its health while you do this, as it is able to die in the method.


The Oviraptor isn’t always antagonistic or risky at all, but make certain no longer to run into greater dangerous dinos while attempting to tame an Oviraptor.


Anything which can slow or prevent its movement.

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