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Toward the beginning of February Barcelona headed out to Andalucia for the primary leg of the Copa del Rey semi last, and were completely outmuscled by a fearsome Sevilla side 2-0. From that point forward breezes have turned, and Ronald Koeman has enlisted two reverberating victories over Julen Lopetegui in the last week. This post investigates what changed and what it is that works now that didn’t work then, at that point.

First Leg


At the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan, it was a strained issue with Barcelona handling a 4-3-3 that appeared to be excessively apprehensive to play its game. Barcelona VS Sevilla Live Reddit Free How To Watch La Liga 2020 Streaming Coverage During development, Busquets, the solitary turn, remained profound while the insides stayed at substituting statures. Frenkie did a greater amount of the dropping to complete of the back, as did Messiwho hauled protectors alongside himwhile Pedri stayed further ahead on the left direct and the wingers in Griezmann and Dembele remained high and wide.
Messi played a functioning job in development as a source for passes and with the main line of strain sidestepped, he hoped to move passes into the inside and wing channels on one or the other side or attempted to choose Frenkie’s foraying runs forward. Unevenness in assault, as Griezmann moved into the left half-space or wandered further infield while Jordi Alba kept the width while Dembele embraced the touchline on the opposite end.

Protection and PRESSING

What was maybe most disappointing as a Barca fan was the quality of alert that appeared to loom over players. Barcelona VS Sevilla Live Reddit Free How To Watch La Liga 2020 Streaming Coverage was very much alleviated to sink into a more profound 4-5-1 square in the early going as opposed to squeezing higher up. Regardless, when pressure (or counterpressure) was applied, it experienced leaving expanding spaces behind it. The primary line of strain was ungraceful and poor and the resistance found free men within without any problem.
For Sevilla, this played directly into their hands. They preferred having the ball and recorded 48% of ball ownership in the primary half and this, thusly, fit their set-upcreative wingers in Suso and Papu Gomez cut in or chose passes from profound as the fullbacks bombarded all over the flanks, while the genuineness of Diego Carlos, Jules Kounde, Joan Jordan and Fernando recuperated any free balls in midfield.
Kounde in particular had a stellar presentation, ruling the right inside channel, making apparition arrives later than expected into Barca’s half and underlapping further and further forward. For Barcelona VS Sevilla Live Reddit Free How To Watch La Liga 2020 Streaming Coverage first objective, he gets the ball from Bono close to his own punishment box, floats ahead plain and spills past delicate difficulties prior to scoring. A strict box-to-box run.

Assaulting Organization

Barca’s hostile plan all through based on observing fast mixes in the left half of the field with Jordi Alba, Pedri, Griezmann and Messi over-burdening such zones or exchanging the play rapidly to Dembele on the opposite side and place him in 1v1 circumstances on the touchline. For large pieces of the game (and particularly the second half when Sevilla withdrew into a more profound square and decided to counter-assault) this didn’t succeed and what hurt the group more than any protective struggles was its barrenness in assault.
Barcelona VS Sevilla Live Reddit Free How To Watch La Liga 2020 Streaming Coverage enlisted just 4 shots on track in the whole match and keeping in mind that it had 61% of the ball in the subsequent half, it recorded 0 once in a lifetime opportunities made and needed to fall back on 6 shots from fresh while Sevilla, with a simple 39% of ownership, outshot them 6 to 3 from inside the crate.
Whatever be the reason behind this mental hesitancya backline of Umtiti, Mingueza, Firpo and Alba that hadn’t played a lot together? Key unlucky deficiencies in safeguard? Junior playing on his off-base side? Messi’s 1v1 miss inside the initial 10 minutes?Sevilla were more forceful and more coordinated in both offense and safeguard and got a merited success.

Second Leg


Life looked totally different only twenty days later. In the wake of having outplayed Sevilla away in the association with an unexpected 3-5-2, Barca arranged for the second leg at Camp Nou with a similar framework. This time Sevilla started the game on the back foot, arranging in a more guarded 4-4-2/4-5-1 half breed and surrendering five possibilities inside the initial eight minutes. After Dembele scored, they never truly recuperated.
Barcelona VS Sevilla Live Reddit Free How To Watch La Liga 2020 Streaming Coverage played brilliantly through the man-situated Sevilla press with the insides key, dropping at various levels with facilitated developments. Width was kept up with by Alba and an enthused Sergino Dest while Dembele took up the left half-space. Lenglet and Mingueza cut through the press with conveys or passes, Dest and Frenkie impeccably wove out of difficult spots on the right while Pedri and Alba joined pleasantly on the right. Messi by and large got the ball past the primary line of tension and ended up in better situations to turn and drive at safeguards.
ter Stegen was, indeed, flawless with his circulation, both in its reach and its quality and with three at the back, Frenkie and Pedri could remain higher. Similar thoughts of over-burden and delivery that were recently applied in the hostile stage were rendered into development. Barcelona VS Sevilla Live Reddit Free How To Watch La Liga 2020 Streaming Coverage press was persuaded into one side before a fast outlet was reached on the other.
Situating was spotless and calculated, there was no congestion of zones, the group was conservative in its separating and placed at contrasting statures and the ball could be dropped of difficulty and into assaulting changes at an exceptional speed.

Protection and PRESSING

Barca protected along these lines: repulsively. An exceptional press was somehow supported all through the 120 minutes, with 1v1 checking during Sevilla’s development constraining them to go long on each event after which the primary ball (and the second) was won reliably by Busquets, Pique, Lenglet and Mingueza. Barcelona VS Sevilla Live Reddit Free How To Watch La Liga 2020 Streaming Coverage.
Strangely Dembele sliding in serenely into the middle right channel is by all accounts a shrewd shot in the dark on Koeman’s part. In addition to the fact that he was a slinking inconvenience to protectors unpalatably, his quality enclosed the splendid Kounde immovably to his own cautious half; after the space behind him was uncovered consistently by Dembele in the La Liga experience, he was imperceptible in Sevilla’s assault last evening.

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