This article is about What is the best bow in Horizon Forbidden West. There are a few incredibly strong weapons in Horizon Forbidden West, including two Legendary Hunter Bows: the Sun Scourge and the Death-Seeker’s Shadow. Indeed, these two bows are among Horizon Forbidden West’s best weapons, and players ought to totally consider obtaining the two of them in What is the best bow in Horizon Forbidden West.
This guide will detail precisely the way in which fans can approach getting their hands on the Sun Scourge and the Death-Seeker’s Shadow and open Aloy’s full hostile potential.
What is the best bow in Horizon Forbidden West

What is the Best Bow in Horizon Forbidden West

By and large, the Hardweave Sharpshot Bow is one the best bows in Horizon Forbidden West for the early game. It can undoubtedly bring down pretty much every adversary you’ll experience during the initial not many story missions. This weapon’s reach is another explanation you should check Hardweave bow out.
In the event that you’re interested in getting the weapon, you can buy it from the Merchant in Plainsong in What is the best bow in Horizon Forbidden West. The expense of the Hardweave Sharpshot bow is somewhat high as you’ll require 549 Metal Shards and 1 Grazer Circulator to make it.

Marshal Hunter Bow

Another brilliant bow to use in Horizon Forbidden West is the Marshal Hunter Bow. The thing which makes this bow truly outstanding in its capacity to make machines or people battle one another. Therefore, it’s intended for the individuals who like to play grimy.
Alongside standard bolts, the Marshal Hunter Bow utilizes Berserk Hunter Arrows. In the event that you use them on an adversary, they will go off the deep end and begin attacking their partners. This deals with the two Machines and human adversaries in What is the best bow in Horizon Forbidden West. Considering how it functions, it will be wise to utilize it against a gathering of foes. While they are fighting one another, you will find the opportunity to land all the more impressive assaults on them without worrying about them shifting their regard for you. You can also read about How to Complete the Wings of the Ten Main Quest in Horizon Forbidden West from here.

Demise Seeker’s Shadow Legendary Hunter Bow

Players that need to acquire the Death-Seeker’s Shadow Legendary Hunter Bow should focus on the Arena, a significant area that can be gotten to subsequent to completing the Kulrut main story mission in Horizon Forbidden West. For full lucidity, the precise place of the Arena has been set apart on the following guide, and fans ought to acknowledge a journey called Opening the Arena from a NPC named Kalla upon appearance. This journey is very clear in its instruction, and players will actually want to battle in the Arena subsequent to completing it.


The best Warrior bow is known as The Sun Scourge. It is strong, mid-range bow that can shoot fire, freeze, and corrosive ammunition and has five curl openings in What is the best bow in Horizon Forbidden West. It is opened by completing the First Forge side journey.
What is the best bow in Horizon Forbidden West
What’s more, close by being amazing, it offers improved reload speed, overdraw harm, spryness harm, and elevated harm when updated.

Model Spike Thrower

A level 7 task mission you get in Chainscrape called ‘A Bigger Boom’ will compensate you with this weapon, and I’d go similar to saying it’s fundamental in the early game in What is the best bow in Horizon Forbidden West. It’s presumably the main unstable thing you will actually want to utilize, and it will neatly rip off foe defensive layer and let you take shots at the feeble pieces under.

Hardweave Sharpshot Bow

When you’re in Plainsong, you’ve most likely currently gotten a lot of other weapons, however you’ll need to ensure you have 549 Metal Shards and a Grazer Circulator to hand, if conceivable. The Hardweave Sharpshot Bow you arrive is extraordinary – in the event that you’re in secrecy, at range, and get a basic hit with an overdrawn bolt, this bow is adequately strong to bring down a great deal of more vulnerable machines in a single hit. It chips away at human adversaries, as well.

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