WELCOME to my aide, Tenno! This is, as I would like to think, the best Mesa Prime form you could get Best Mesa Prime Builds Complete Guide Warframe. In case you are a veteran, there is no compelling reason to peruse further, since the aide will be engaged towards newbies to Mesa, however assuming you need to know how Mesa functions and why fabricate it like that, kindly read the aide completely


  • Great survivability, you wont be humiliated by kicking the bucket continually in more significant level regions or high danger record runs.
  • Extraordinary energy effectiveness, capacities cost barely anything, while Peacemaker (extreme) depletes least measure of energy conceivable.


  • In case you feel that you want more span on your first and second capacities, you can trade out ADAPTATION for rank 8 PRIMED CONTINUITY, however realize that the mod extremity space is unique and it wont decrease the expense of your Peacemaker any further. In addition, it would definitely lessen your survivability.
  • While ARCANE VELOCITY is compulsory, (it’s truly modest, go get it) the other esoteric opening is your decision, since there are a couple of reasonable choices. My suggestions are underneath.
  • Mindless fury isn’t suitable! Try not to attempt it, it is basically impossible to mod a develop with more fortitude at least/low energy cost. Best Mesa Prime Builds Complete Guide Warframe The form is an all-rounder with all that you might actually require.
  • Destructive PROJECTION is likewise not an awful emanation mod, but rather Pistol amp outflanks it up until significant level missions.
  • Covertness DRIFT – having foe radar feels truly decent on plateau, you don’t need to sit around idly searching for foes while your Peacemaker is dynamic. Assuming you pull out all the stops, supplant the Power Drift with it, however notwithstanding in the event that you run in or not, generally have ANIMAL INSTINCT on your sidekick! Different energy radar mods increment the scope of adversaries displayed on the guide.
  • Fiery SWAP is a great mod for harm and holster speed, both details function admirably with peacemaker. In case you would rather not run as much survivability, supplant it in the spot of variation and consider supplanting hidden elegance with something different assuming you decided to run that.


Little known Energize – since while Peacemaker is dynamic, it blocks you from getting energy from a ton of sources like trinity, empowering run, energy reestablishes, etc, esoteric invigorate still works! The main disadvantage is that Mesa doesn’t move around a lot to get energy circles, so you really want to think about that. Best Mesa Prime Builds Complete Guide Warframe Likewise its madly costly, so assuming you don’t have it yet, don’t feel awful for running different choices underneath.
Hidden GRACE – in light of the fact that there is variation and some wellbeing in this form, its a feasible choice to keep your wellbeing high during long-term visits in the missions. You will not be having a single chance, yet the adversaries can in any case chip your wellbeing ceaselessly particularly with poison procs. This would forestall that.

Esoteric PRECISION – this gives a gigantic harm lift to your Peacemaker, yet you want to trigger it continually with your different weapons so it feel Best Mesa Prime Builds Complete Guide Warframe sort of peculiar to utilize in light of the fact that you want to keep another buff up. Its feasible, however you will not need harm without it.

Ongoing interaction:

Keep your first capacity up (shroud) and shoot the foes with Peacemaker. When the center circle goes down to about not exactly 50% of the size, reset it and rehash. Best Mesa Prime Builds Complete Guide Warframe You ought to figure out it after some time.


  • Note that the adversaries on a lot sequential height according to Mesa’s viewpoint probably won’t be designated by the Peacemaker regardless of whether they are inside the center ring!
  • While Mesa’s subsequent capacity – Shooting Gallery is valuable, in case you would rather not, you don’t need to keep it up.

Assuming you are running performance, or with a crew that doesn’t offer a lot of energy regen, I’d suggest utilizing reestablishes. Best Mesa Prime Builds Complete Guide Warframe As I’ve referenced above, you don’t get energy from them while your peacemaker is dynamic, yet in the event that you drop down a reestablish and time your Peacemaker resets with the energy heartbeats, it takes care of business!
In the event that you really want to continue to move yet at the same time need to clear adversaries, for instance running an eradicate mission, you can project your Peacemaker while in air and shoot the foes! Essentially slug bounce slantingly and go ham with it!

Helminth capacity mixture (obscure) isn’t really for new players! You will be fine without it!

  • The greater part of the famous Regulators Prime forms are awesome of what you can get, Best Mesa Prime Builds Complete Guide Warframe so assuming you want a decent form, simply neglected them!
  • Reach mods DO NOT influence the Peacemaker range, so overlook that detail!
  • This finishes up the aide, assuming you have any inquiries or criticism, go ahead and remark down underneath, and in the event that it helped, drop a like!

Plateau is one of the most outstanding Warframes in the game because of her adaptability as DPS and backing. We as a whole have some familiarity with about her Peacemaker which can without much of a stretch devastate significant level foes right away, yet theres more to Mesa than simply that. She likewise can swarm control (CC) adversaries with Shooting Gallery and square approaching harm with Shatter Shield Best Mesa Prime Builds Complete Guide Warframe . Her capacity pack makes her a brilliant choice for medium length stabilities (under 2 hours) and practically any remaining game substance.
In this form guide, well cover two methods for building Mesa Prime and her Regulators: One without Forma and one with Forma. Utilize the form without Forma to discover how Mesa plays, then, at that point, improve the form with Forma to truly release her latent capacity. Similarly as with all Best Mesa Prime Builds Complete Guide Warframe, there are numerous ways of building Mesa Prime so well clarify our thinking for the decisions we make over different styles of fabricates.

Forma End-game Mesa Prime Build

The form above can both make due and clear adversaries easily. Something like one Arcane Velocity is an outright should as it incredibly builds the DPS of Mesas Regulators. Best Mesa Prime Builds Complete Guide Warframe Endurance isn’t an issue until generally level 100 Bombards enter the image. Energy the executives is generally simple because of high term which diminishes the measure of times youll need to recharge Shooting Gallery and Shattering Shield. Stimulating Dash is as yet key for keeping energy up so ensure you are utilizing Zenurik Focus school.

The Best Mesa Builds

  • Picking the Naramon extremity for your atmosphere opening is in every case right when playing Mesa.
  • You either need to pick Corrosive Projection assuming that you are playing in a premade bunch arrangement with a Trinity (or then again in case you will drop some Group Energy Restores) or you pick
  • Energy Siphon to get some energy recovery while doing the mission.
  • You can hypothetically ponder utilizing Pistol Amp or Growing Power Best Mesa Prime Builds Complete Guide Warframe, however as a rule they cant truly contend with the other two emanations.
  • A major piece of Mesa are her Regulators (her Warframe weapons) which accompanied Update 23. Presently you need to mod your Warframe weapons and furthermore presumably put some Forma in them.

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