Here, we will find out How To Remove Or Disable Reels On Facebook App. While you’re looking at your Facebook app, all things considered, you run over a couple of video reels. These can be irritating and in some cases in any event, disappointing. If this sounds like something you need to dispose of or disable, here is a speedy tutorial on How to Remove or Disable Reels on Facebook App in 2021.

How To Remove Or Disable Reels On Facebook App

Facebook has begun carrying out reels, and TikTok like short recordings to the platform. Back in 2020 Facebook at first carried out Reels on Instagram and presently has reported that it has begun carrying out reels on Facebook for iOS and Android.

How To Remove Or Disable Reels On Facebook App

In the event that you’re a reel creator and hoping to remove your own reels on the Facebook app, then, at that point, follow these means.

Open the Instagram app on a smartphone
Go to your profile tab.
Here, click on the cheeseburger menu and tap Settings.
Click on the Privacy option and select Reels.
Disable the toggle for Recommend on Facebook.

Utilize Old Facebook App

The most straightforward method for crippling Facebook short recordings is to utilize a more established Facebook version that doesn’t support the component. Thusly View Unsent Messages on Facebook, you might miss out on a few new elements or changes, yet worth it for individuals can’t tolerate the irritating recordings.

Introduce Old Facebook App On Your Phone

Assuming you’re introducing an APK, i.e., sideloading an app for the initial time, it might keep you from doing as such, refering to security reasons. Basically tap Settings and permit the program to introduce the app from obscure sources.

How To Remove Or Disable Reels On Facebook App

Disable auto-playing Reels

Assuming that you are irritated with Reels or short recordings playing without help from anyone else or Autoplaying. Then, at that point, this technique is for you as it switches off auto-play recordings and can save you from humiliation at gatherings, gatherings, or elsewhere.

Simply look down, tap on ‘Settings and Privacy, then click on ‘Profile Settings.’

3 Now track down the ‘media and Contacts’ option and tap over it.

4 Click on the option of ‘autoplay’ and afterward change the setting to ‘Never Autoplay Videos’.

How to remove Facebook reels on iPhone

Assuming that you are wondering how to switch off reels from Facebook on iPhone, you have come to the ideal locations. You can’t forever remove or conceal reels from the Facebook app on iPhone or iPad. You can, however, utilize its other, “Amicable Social Browser” to conceal reels and stories from Facebook News Feed.

It gives a clean Facebook News channel without irritating or undesirable reels and stories. One more amazing component of the app is its inbuilt promotion blocker.

Utilize Old Version of Facebook

To dispose of the inappropriate content bring shown on the Facebook, here is a straightforward solution. You can utilize old version of the Facebook which doesn’t contain the reel include. However more established version would accompany the old elements. On the off chance that you are good with not having new tools on Facebook, you can basically change to old version of Facebook with simple tasks.

Uninstall Latest Version

You can uninstall most recent version to stop reels on Facebook. To do as such

Tap and hold the Facebook icon
Click Uninstall
Click on OK to remove the app


How to switch off reels on Facebook?

This isn’t the initial time, that these apps had present the highlights which is acquiring ubiquity. Before that, we had seen Instagram stories highlight which was originally an element of Snapchat. Indeed, even stories highlight was present in WhatsApp under the name of status.

How to Disable auto-refreshes for Facebook?

Crippling automatic updates for Facebook will stop any additional reel functionality from moving into your app. Do remember that this strategy isn’t manageable as, eventually, you’ll be forced to refresh the app.

How to Remove Reels and Short Videos from Facebook?

This is a direct result of the auto video component and there can be a few recordings that grab your eye in light of the interest, more often than not these are irritating!

In addition to that, autoplay recordings can likewise be hurtful and open individuals to undesirable and hostile content that one shouldn’t have seen as a matter of course.

Whether you were searching for a technique to stop these recordings on your web-based entertainment account, or looking for a thorough fix.

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