During the main mission ‘Phantoms of the Past’, the Warriors of Light cross a frigid domain loaded up with Mad Ogres and torrential slides in abundance. What looks for them close to the end is the feared Dragon Zombie, a justifiably undead draconian who packs all in all a slice behind its ravaged paws. One of the tougher managers in Stranger of Paradise, the Dragon Zombie is an experience that sincerely focuses on the “sit tight” some portion of Souls-like games.
Ready to regurgitate poison pools that cover the field as well as weighty hitting assaults, this manager can baffle a ton of players. Assuming you’re struggling on ways of taking this manager to the bone zone, look no further: this is the way to defeat the Dragon Zombie in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy. This is a battle guide on Dragon Zombie, a supervisor in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Peruse on to see systems against Dragon Zombie, areas, and assault designs!

How to Defeat the Dragon Zombie in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy

The Dragon Zombie highlights one shortcoming that is basic to convey Fias Questline – Holy assaults. In the event that you have White Mage or Sage opened, Dia spells can eliminate the toxic slime the manager dissipates on the war zone, while Holy goes after, for example, Divine Strike or Prominence bargain additional harm. However, you actually need to focus on the sort of assaults the supervisor utilizes – here’s a rundown of them beneath:
Dragon Zombie

  • Essential Attacks: notwithstanding the ordinary a few hit combo, Dragon Zombie will sometimes swipe with his tail assuming he distinguishes focuses behind or to the side of him. His assaults are exceptionally sluggish and have long recuperation livelinesss, so getting an assault in after the combo has finished is suggested. Be keeping watch for his spin assault, however – this can thump you away, and it has misleading great reach in the event that you’re a caster.
  • Poison Breath: The Dragon Zombie will heave a line of noxious breath in a bend. This assault can be parried, and inability to do so will prompt instant Poison.
  • Spike Tail: The Dragon Zombie will throw his tail two times down behind him. This assault can’t be parried and should be stayed away from.
  • Dangerous Stomp: The Dragon Zombie will ascend in the air momentarily prior to slamming down on an objective region. This assault can’t be parried and should be stayed away from. This assault is your best an open door to strike his head – doing so an adequate number of times will stop the toxin assaults.

Stage 1 has relatively little mechanics to learn, yet the main difficulty will manage the toxic pools that intermittently show up around the chief. You can decide to disregard the toxic substance harm by means of self-healing (Blood Weapon is a decent decision for scuffle players, and on the off chance that you’re Paladin you can utilize Holy Fang), or you can decide to self-purify through the Chakra order capacity. It isn’t prescribed to attempt self-healing stringently through Potions, in light of the fact that the manager hits sufficiently to take tremendous pieces of existence with each assault. Stage 2 slopes up the rhythm with the following moves:

  • Fundamental Attacks: The essential assaults are generally something similar, however the spin assault is a lot quicker and bargains more harm – destroying the wings of the Dragon Zombie will keep this assault from happening.
  • Putrefying Roar: Dragon Zombie will discharge a shockwave around it that can’t be parried – the reach is short, however, so a backstep or evade away will forestall harm.
  • Icefall: The supervisor wills wipe the ground before it and invoke frozen rocks to toss. This assault can be parried and furthermore Stealable as an instant order.
  • Poison Breath: Returns from Phase 1, yet instead of traveling in a curve, goes in an orderly fashion.
  • Burrow: Dragon Zombie will burrow underground prior to appearing under Jack. This assault will amaze you, so it’s ideal to evade roll or sprint away to stay away from it completely.

Dragon Zombie
Stage 2 introduces a few interesting issues, yet additionally a novel arrangement. Not exclusively are the arms and wings targetable, yet the Dragon Zombie takes additional amaze harm from striking these flimsy spots. There’s such large numbers of them that enormous AoE goes after, for example, Cyclone Rush or Firaga will hit these flimsy spots all the while, allowing you to actually keep the manager stumbled for a decent piece of the battle. Be careful about the Tunnel assault however, as it’s genuinely speedy to come out. Before adequately long, you’ll cover this baddie and be well coming.

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