Elliott Owen Lipinsky reveals what it takes to be a successful attorney and an author!

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Well established attorney from Selma, Alabama Elliott Owen Lipinsky,transitioned from the legal world to the world of books as an author in November 2020. This endeavour raised the curiosity bar for many and we decided to have a tete a tete with Elliott Owen Lipinsky to understand this professional deviation into two apparently unrelated fields.

Elliott Owen Lipinsky
Elliott Owen Lipinsky

Can you comment briefly on your professional journey so far?

I studied at the University of Alabama and have been practising law since 2013. The Law Offices of Elliott Owen Lipinsky based in Selma, has primarily been serving West Alabama. We handle representation for criminal and personal representation, that covers the entire region. The company’s team of experts advise clients in the Montgomery area on corporate law. We do not differentiate between small, medium or big companies, we cater to all and include a diverse section. We also handle tax law with a proven success record. We are known for our competence and innovation in handling high profile cases in tax law. My team and I, try our best to bring in innovative techniques in our legal practice. We are happy that we have a loyal and satisfied client base.

What has your venture and experience as an author been like?

Many people were taken by surprise when I announced the publication of my book “Space Pup & the Fantastic Adventures of the Fearless, Handsome & Brilliant Commander Elrod Cannon & His Loving Happy Normal Human Family and Earth Cat Sprocket.” People were probably expecting a book related to my legal profession. The point that I am trying to make through this deviation is that the human mind and talent need not be strait jacketed. You can venture into different areas and do well too. I am very pleased that my book has won a lot of appreciation and praise, and children in the age group of 3 – 18 years are enjoying it! I feel happy and I feel rewarded. I enjoyed success in my legal profession and as an author too, and I am indeed very grateful for that!

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