Escape from Tarkov Arena will be a new ‘standalone’ FPS Escape from Tarkov engineer Battlestate Games announced(opens in new tab) on Friday that the field mode players have been expecting is a “independent game undertaking.”

Called Escape from Tarkov Arena, the side project will play like the current Escape from Tarkov game, says the studio, yet rather than high-stakes plundering and extraction, it will fixate on “gladiatorial” battle in fields arranged all through the city of Tarkov.

Grokking the idea: People like Escape from Tarkov, so we should check whether its shooting works in an alternate, more dense format is sufficiently simple.

New and existing proprietors of Escape from Tarkov’s $140 Edge of Darkness pack are guaranteed free admittance to all future DLC, and this will count, so they’ll get it at no extra charge. For proprietors of the other Escape from Tarkov versions Xbox Game Pass is Losing 7, Arena will be paid DLC. It will likewise be accessible as an independent game, Battlestate says.

“Escape from Tarkov Arena is an independent game undertaking,” the studio expressed, “a meeting based multiplayer first-individual shooter for PC with every one of the known and darling bad-to-the-bone game mechanics of Escape from Tarkov.”

The qualification is fairly sloppy, particularly when you consider that Escape From Tarkov(opens in new tab) in fact hasn’t “delivered” yet, thus Edge of Darkness and different versions are as yet promoted as “preorders.” So, you can “preorder” a game (which you can play now), and with your preorder get an impending side project of that game as DLC (however it’s an independent game), probable before the first game has in fact delivered. That is only videogames in 2022. It’s ideal to simply acknowledge it and continue. The point here is that it’s obviously something beyond another mode.Escape from Tarkov Arena will be a new ‘standalone’ FPS

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