Fias questline is an interesting person that you initially find in Roundtable Hold. She has her own room behind where the metalworker works and, assuming that you converse with her, she will inquire as to whether you wish to be held. This will give you a blessing to help you in fight. In spite of her original appearance, this NPC has an extremely top to bottom questline that will take more time to the most distant spans of the Lands Between. This is the way you complete Fias questline in Elden Ring.
Wondering how to seek after the Elden Ring Fias questline mission? You could have stumbled upon the deathbed friend in the Roundtable Hold and be wondering on the off chance that there’s something else to her besides dolling out embraces on request and a decent lift to balance.
Fia is the Deathbed Companion in Elden Ring. She’s originally experienced at the Roundtable Hold, in the chamber behind Smithing Master Hewg. She will request that players embrace her and will then give Baldachin’s Blessing. However, the Deathbed Companion won’t remain there until the end of time. After Elden Ring players have crushed two Shardbearers, fia ending elden ring will begin.

How to Complete Fias Questline in Elden Ring

Begin Fias questline off by getting Crops both D and Rogier to Roundtable Hold. They will each show up nearby after you rout Godrick. D can likewise be found in the northeastern piece of Limgrave outside of Summonwater Village. Before you can formally begin Fia’s questline, you will likewise have to converse with her a couple of times and get embraced. You will likewise have to overcome no less than one Sharbearer like Godrick and ride the Grand Lift of Dectus in Liurnia. When everything that is accomplished, Fia’s questline can authoritatively begin.
Fias questline

Kill D

After you gain a Great Rune and ride the Grand Lift of Dectus, return to Roundtable Hold and address Fias questline. After some short discourse, she will give you a Weathered Dagger. Convey the knife to D and he will let you know that he knows who it has a place with. Reload the region and go into the room past where the metalworker is. You will hear discourse prior to entering. Whenever you head inside, you will see Fia standing not without a fight.

Go to Deeproot Depths

After D is killed, Fia will advise you to go to the top of Deeproot Depths. To do this, you should go to Nokron and find the water passage prison. You can address D’s sibling outside of the manager room and give him D’s defensive layer. This will open a unique piece of Fia’s questline. Rout the pair of Valiant Gargoyles in the prison. At the foundation of the cascade, you will find a coffin. Rest in the coffin to be shipped to Deeproot Depths.

Rout More Supervisors

When you are in Deeproot Depths, go across the roots and into the ruins on the opposite side. Utilize the tree establishes in the ruins to arrive at the area up on the bluffs past the messed up foreboding figures. Enter the gigantic supervisor field and go to the opposite side. A supervisor battle will follow where you want to overcome five NPC adversaries. After the battle, reload the region and converse with Fias questline who will currently be sitting on a seat close to where the supervisor battle took place.

Obtain the Cursemark and Rout the Winged Serpent

At the point when you converse with Fia in the manager room, she will let you know that she needs you to obtain the Cursemark of Death. This is obtained by completing piece of Ranni’s questline. You can find it at the top of the Divine Tower of Liurnia. Give the Cursemark to Fia and reload the region. Fia elden ring quest will currently be snoozing. Interact with her to show up in an alternate rendition of the supervisor field and battle Lichdragon Fortissax. After the fight, converse with Fia and she will provide you with the Mending-Rune of the Death Prince.
Fias questline

Discretionary Ending

While the above is actually the finish of Fias questline, you can take it somewhat further. On the off chance that you gave the Twinned Armor to D’s sibling, reload the region and D’s sibling will be standing over Fia’s cadaver. You will actually want to obtain Fias questline reinforcement set at this point. Address D’s sibling and he will be blissful. Kill him to get the Twinned protection interfered with and the Inseparable Sword.

How to Complete the Weathered Dagger Quest for Fia in Elden Ring

RPG Elden Ring allows players to dig into the domain of Lands Between, where there are a few NPCs who will give you journeys. This guide will take you through the course of how to convey the Weathered Dagger for Fia in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Where to Locate Fia after Leaving the Roundtable Hold

The missions in Elden Ring will provide you with a wide range of choices to browse. The decisions you have will effect the game somehow or another or the other. In this aide, we will see where to find Fia after she has left the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring.

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