This article is concerning Where to find Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring. Iron Fist Alexander is a NPC in Elden Ring. Iron Fist Alexander looks like enormous cauldron with arms and legs, he has a pleasing voice and is apparently trapped in the ground.
Alexander is first found caught in the ground, asking for help. In case you speak with him, he will kindly demand that you help him out Where to Find Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring. You can choose to either deal with him or not to. You can help with ironing Fist Alexander out by hitting him multiple times on the back with any weapon.
Where to Find Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring

Where to Find Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring

Players can encounter Alexander first thing in their Elden Ring experience. He is arranged in the eastern fragment of Limgrave, the starting region of the game. Right after passing through the Stormgate, follow the way to the east until you show up at the Saintsbridge Site of Grace. Alexander can be observed caught in the ground nearby. His solicitations for help can be heard once you draw satisfactorily close, and you can zero in on his cautious position once you hear his voice. His exact region is separate on the aide.

Victorious Delight carry on

At the point when you find Alexander, he’ll demand your help with freeing him from his issue. He’s trapped in the ground, and all you want to do to get him out is hit him with your weapon a few times. Just enjoy the moment, it won’t hurt him Where to Find Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring. Essentially whack him until he’s free and he’ll offer his thanks by teaching you the Triumphant Delight carry on. You can similarly address him again to get a piece of Exalted Flesh, which can be consumed to momentarily help your genuine attack.
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Instructions to Get Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring

You’ll need to progress toward the Stormhill area, which is northwest of the starting locale in Limgrave. After you show up at the Stormhill Shack, instead of going to the castle, turn and advance toward the sast. You’ll have to continue ahead, past the Warmaster’s Shack site of ease, but don’t go past the expansion. There, you’ll find Iron Fish Alexander asking for help.
Whenever you initially meet Iron Fish Alexander, it will demand help. It’s at this point caught in the ground and would like some help. Right when you find it Where to Find Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring, walk around and talk with it. You’ll need to make a choice to help it out of his opening or not. In case you choose to help it, you with needing to hit it in the back a couple of times to pop it out. At the point when you do, it leaps out of the ground, and grant you with the Triumphant Delight carry on, and you can now chat with it.

Where to find Pot Boy in Elden Ring

One inquisitively safeguarded soul is Pot Boy, additionally called Alexander, the Iron Fist. In a way he reminds me of the Onion Knights of Dark Souls, just fairly more… stoneware. The issue is he’s slippery for any situation not on the main way towards Stormveil Castle, all things considered.
So with this Elden Ring Pot Boy guide I’m here to help you with tracking down an individual in all things considered an opening. Just be cautious with the light spoilers that follow.

Elden Ring Pot Boy Location

To find the pot kid in Elden Ring, also called Alexander Iron Fist, you truly need to go to the east of Limgrave. We’ve indicated the particular region for you in the screen catches under Where to Find Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring. Basically, as you ride through the ravine, you’ll hear Alexander calling for help. Assuming you’re riding from the west to the east, watch out aside. You’ll see a way leading up not well before you get to the augmentation. Climb thusly, and you’ll run over sad pot kid trapped in the ground. This will help with getting him unstuck and grant you the Triumphant Delight carry on. Converse with Alexander again to get one Exalted Flesh.
Where to Find Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring

How might you find Alexander, the Iron Fist

Alexander is found in your starting locale of East Limgrave, in Stormhill. You’ll find him trapped in a channel very nearly an enemy settlement and a site of excellence toward the finish of an augmentation with a pumpkin head on it-when you’re close you’ll hear him pleading for help. You can see the specific region on the aide screen catch above.
Whenever you’ve whacked him free, you’ll find a particularly fun NPC to converse with, which is extraordinary in an excitedly threatening world Where to Find Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring. Whenever you converse with him he’ll inform you concerning a spot wherein you can find him next and, trust me, it justifies pursuing his main goal if conceivable.

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