Some League of Legends players are facing Fix Error Code 0U while using the PBE client to play the game. The error makes the client not show the home screen, summoner symbol, and any of the client tabs accurately. Players have revealed a dark screen on their PBE clients because of this error. Players on the League of Linux subreddit who confronted this error contacted Riot Support which proposed running the Hextech Repair Tool. While this is anything but an official fix, a few players have announced that running the tool tackled error code 0U for them.
Getting into a match of League of Legends can be a challenging errand now and then. Dissimilar to different games where the entryway is covered into the actual game, League has a different client interface that permits players to interact with their companions without really launching the full game.
However this is advantageous with nearly anybody with mid-to-low level PCs, tiny bugs that influence the Riot client can keep players from joining matches regardless of whether the servers are functioning appropriately. The origins of Fix Error Code 0U are muddled, however the league of legends repair client been affecting clients from one side of the planet to the other for some time.
Fix Error Code 0U

How to Fix Error Code 0U in League of Legends

While the Fix Error Code 0U began as an interaction tracked down while using the Dark Mode PBE (Public Beta Environment), it has seemingly spread itself into the main game. Revolt Games have both recognized the issue and begun work on fixing it, yet for the time being, it depends on players to keep away from the issue all alone.
An idea by both Redditors and the Riot group has put the Hextech fix tool in as the most ideal choice for players struggling with the Fix Error Code 0U. You’ll have to download the Hextech Repair tool to motivate it to work. It’s enhanced for the League of Legends game, meaning that whenever it’s installed, it will instantly look for any issues. Also, the Hextech Repair tool can distinguish a wide range of errors that you might run over. Once the download has been finished, you’ll have to run the tool. You’ll need to run it on the envelope your League of Legends is installed in. It will check the game documents and fix them on a case by case basis.
Fix Error Code 0U

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