Fortinite’s new season features mushrooms, mounts, and Darth Vader Following the previous large Collision event(opens in new tab) and the between season margin time, Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 2, “Vibin'(opens in new tab)” sent off early today.

The mushrooms highlighted unmistakably in the Collision cutscene end up having been prodding another biome: Reality Falls, a thick Escape from Tarkov, mysterious woods. Players can likewise plant “Realty Saplings” that persevere for them from match-to-coordinate, and can ultimately give a wellspring of mythic plunder.

It just got a short notice on the season uncover page, however the expansion of mounts and mounted battle strikes me as no joking matter: “Bounce on a wolf or pig to ride on it! You don’t need to descent to battle — shoot and toss weapons while on your horse.”

Keep going on the rundown, Darth Vader has been uncovered as the level 100 fight pass compensation in the wake of having been prodded in the Collision occasion. He’s not by any means the only Lucasfilm staple present, nonetheless: Indiana Jones will likewise be accessible to open later this season. Fortnite, the nephew juggernaut, keeps on adding more media properties to its weird world.

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