Gaming April Fools 2022 Assuming you’re taking a gander at your online entertainment takes care of today in complete incredulity, let me advise you that today is April Fools Day – the one day of the year that everybody makes an honest effort to resemble The Onion. There are positively a few incredible stories from the universe of gaming and esports today, so to assist you with working out what’s reality and fiction, we’ve assembled a helpful little rundown.
Presently, we can’t guarantee these are ensured bangers – there’s generally a couple of duds, correct? – however we can guarantee you a couple of chuckles. Underneath you’ll track down a choice of funnies from any semblance of Sega, Blizzard, and G2 Esports, and assuming you’re fortunate, you could even detect a story or two from your #1 gaming distribution on the internet: The Loadout.

So from googly eyes to Among Us ponies, here are the best April Fools gaming gags of 2022.
To circle back to Sonic’s blue curry (indeed, that was something genuine) Sega has ‘sent off’ a restricted version of Sonic Frontier, which accompanies a top notch bath, a towel, a duck, from there, the sky is the limit. You can also read E3’s Cancelation Has Video Game Fans Devastated from here.
Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez isn’t one to pass up a decent business opportunity, so express welcome to G2GO – an esports-zeroed in cheap food fasten intended to eliminate the unpleasant taste of solo lining from your mouth.
It resembles Inner Sloth took a gander at the beans in Fall Guys and concluded that its little spacemen weren’t adequately reviled. Enter Among Us Horse Mode, which lengthens your crewmates. Simply don’t ask them for what reason they have such a gloomy appearance, eh?

In the event that you boot into Overwatch today, get ready to be watched from each point. Snowstorm has proceeded with the joke of googly eyes and slapped them on each and every person – including Hanzo’s mythical serpents.
The Fall Guys Twitter account has been taken over by well, anything this is. The “wooo” but references the commotion all of the blobby young men make while running, running, and bouncing around the games’ levels.
Of course, you’ve won a chicken supper in PUBG previously, however have you beaten one? Presently’s your opportunity in this absolutely unusual restricted time mode.
Like that exemplary Oprah episode, everybody gets expert in this new restricted time mode. There’s additionally no fall harm, a lot of loadouts, and heaps of money. All in all, it’s a catastrophe waiting to happen.

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