Indeed, even after you’ve gotten the Magic Rod in Tunic, you could get the Gun yourself wishing for a went choice with somewhat more oomph. The Rod is fine and dandy, yet its shots are really frail in the stupendous plan of things. All things considered, for the people who solidly buy into the way of thinking “more dakka,” there exists in the game a clear-cut advantage to scratch that specific tingle: get the Gun.
Get the Gun is a long run enchantment weapon in Tunic that shoots a wide splash of shots. On this page, you’ll bit by bit instructions on how to find one of the last weapons accessible in the game.
You want to go to the Quarry to get the Gun in tunic scavenger mask. While heading to the Lower Miasma, you will go down a few inclines. Assuming that you embrace the bluffs on the left side, you will find a mysterious section to the region with the Scavengers and targets. Get the Gun is in a chest here.

How to Get the Gun in Tunic

As the name recommends, Get the Gun is basically an Dodge In Kirby enchanted shotgun. It shoots three strong rounds on the double in a circular segment each time you shoot it, which will typically deal with any foes trapped in the crossfire. However, it negatively affects your wizardry: even with an updated sorcery meter you’re probably going to just get a couple of shots off before you’re drained, so make the most of them.
The Gun can be found in the Quarry, in the lower region. Simply beyond an area with three gun-toting Scavengers doing target practice, you can find a chest on a bluff that holds the much-vaunted weapon. On the off chance that you haven’t yet taken out the Scavengers, you might pivot and provide them with a painful but necessary consequence.
You’ll likely not gain admittance to this area until some other time in the game, yet it is in fact open when you can get to the Overworld’s mountain top, where there’s a mysterious entry that leads into the Quarry. It’s a much tougher test right off the bat in the game, however, as the Scavengers hit hard and without the Scavenger’s Mask capacity card, openness to the ruined profundities of the Quarry will drain your greatest HP. Assuming you really do figure out how to get down there and get the Gun before finding the Sword, however, you’ll open the accomplishment “Bring it to some unacceptable battle.”
get the Gun

How do you Spot a New Gun Buyer at a Shop?

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Why should Guns Never be Carried Around in Public?

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