This article is about How to change dungeon difficulty in Lost Ark. Like any MMO, the Lost Ark dungeons are an approach to earning probably the best plunder in the game and one of the vital bits of final stage content.
Lost Ark has a reiteration of various dungeons that can be gotten to while you’re leveling through the game. At end-game, you’ll probably be seeking out the Chaos and Abyss dungeons which give some challenging PvE battles to strong plunder. In this way, for a once-over of How to change dungeon difficulty in Lost Ark, alongside what sorts of dungeons can be gotten to, we take care of you.

How to Change Dungeon difficulty in Lost Ark

Lost Ark includes an overwhelming number of techniques to in an upward direction progress a person’s power, from gear overhauls and expertise levels to the min-maxing capacities of faceted capacity stones. With all of this power available to the player, some might begin to ponder where the ability ceiling of Lost Ark lies, and where to find difficulty fitting a person’s expertise level.
How to change dungeon difficulty in Lost Ark
Luckily, a few areas, especially the instanced dungeon strikes, include a discretionary hard mode for players, and up to three of their, a little to a greater extent a test to the MMO’s isometric dungeon-crawling.

What is hard mode, and how do players find it?

Prior to entering a dungeon, and even prior to accessing the matchmaking menu important to make a dungeon-raiding party, players are given a dungeon outline displaying its likely plunder and the suggested thing level of an interested player’s total hardware.
At the top right of this menu, however, there are three square buttons, each bearing the logo of a head protector. While the initial two are named “Typical” and “Hard,” the third choice is opened later.

How could players need to play hard mode

While looking at the dungeon outline page, while the suggested thing level doesn’t change between challenges, the rarities and qualities of the potential prizes do, with hard mode’s drops proving especially significant to a person’s initial game turn of events.


For the people who aren’t completely mindful of what a MMO dungeon is – it’s an instanced area that a player – or a gathering of players – battle through to overcome foes and managers for plunder. They for the most part give much preferred plunder over you can find through typical questing, yet they are additionally more challenging thus.
You will go over certain dungeons during the main journey, however there are likewise explicit final stage dungeons that work somewhat better. A major contrast between Lost Ark dungeons and How to change dungeon difficulty in Lost Ark other MMOs, is that they can be finished both performance or in gatherings, and that implies there isn’t a group structure meta like different titles. At the point when you go over a dungeon and interact with it, you are given a difficulty determination, and afterward the choice to matchmake for additional players, or continue alone.
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These are the standard Lost Ark dungeons that you’ll experience during the main story a few times. They are the most straightforward of all dungeons, featuring supervisors that can be handily managed because of the need to adjust them for solo and helpful play. This likewise implies they have the most obviously terrible plunder comparative with different dungeons, yet they give a decent introduction to the overall feel of the substance.


These dungeons are concealed across Arkesia and should be found before they can be entered. You can find guides to these spots by exploring the typical dungeons a little, or finishing them and earning the guide as a prize. They are generally drawn, with a X to indicate where the mysterious dungeon is, and they by and large have preferred plunder over their typical partners.
How to change dungeon difficulty in Lost Ark

The Variable Difficulty of Lost Ark Abyss Dungeons

To finish the idea on what Abyss dungeons are however, you take a cut of the story mode dungeon, utilize a portion of its story beats, at times change out the manager experience based on what was in the story mode (yet was maybe hinted at) and offer it mechanics you really need to pay consideration to. Trama center, well… Mostly.
in How to change dungeon difficulty in Lost Ark, It isn’t similar to the Guardian Raids I opened before didn’t have these contemplations however they didn’t actually have ‘mechanics’, they had ‘moves’ and similar as the Monster Hunter series this game mode is so obviously riffing on with affection (down to the reality Guardian Raids come from actual journey sheets) – the ability came from learning and afterward recognizing the beast’s tells and afterward positioning yourself accordingly.

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