Red dot sights are a staple in some first-individual shooter (FPS) games, including the well known PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Whenever you find a weapon, one of the following things you’d typically think of picking up is a sight. Dots are incredible, however did you had at least some idea that you can change the reticle?
Your reticle settings are found in the settings menu. There are three different shapes to look over other than the ordinary red dot. They are chevrons, three-bar, and crosshairs.
Note that not all sights permit you to change reticles. For instance, you can change the reticle shape on red dot sights with the exception of in the event that you mount it on a handgun. On handguns, you can utilize the standard red dot reticle.
PUBG is exceptionally well known among PC gamers, regardless of whether the game is famous on versatile. On PC, you have better designs and development, which some worth over convenientce. You can without much of a stretch change the reticle on PUBG PC also.
Instead of going to the settings like clockwork, you can exploit this element and switch reticles even in the center of a firefight. Simply make certain to move rapidly or somebody will shoot you. You would rather not be discovered lacking while shots are flying all over.

How to Change Red Dot Crosshair In Pubg Pc

It’s anything but a mysterious that when you Earn the Unbroken Title in Destiny 2 we utilize Red Dot to point or shoot a foe in PUBG Mobile, we see a dot and it is called crosshair. However, there is one issue for certain players – it is extremely challenging to control aiming while at the same time shooting with such a little dot. Also, it is greatly improved and more straightforward to point with a bolt instead of a dot.
It’s anything yet a secret that when we use Red Dot to point or shoot an enemy in PUBG Mobile, we see a spot and it is called crosshair. Nevertheless, there is one issue for certain players – it is obviously challenging to control points while simultaneously shooting with a little bit. Moreover, it is tremendously improved and less complex to point with a bolt instead of a bit.
Utilizing the Red-Dot gives clear penetrability and the best short-range battling advantage. Most players like to use Red Dot sight since you can without a very remarkable stretch straightforward, there is no capacity to see issues like holographic. It fits best with M416, UMP9, AKM, etc if you change the spot sight to bolt find, you will see the distinction. It would be more pleasing to shoot.
how to change red dot crosshair in pubg pc

Can you change red dot color in PUBG?

Find Settings in PUBG Mobile. You will see a Scope segment, click on it. Presently you will see No Scope, Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight, 2x, and 3x. From that point forward, go to the Red Dot Sight tab and you will see Crosshair Styles beneath to the varieties.
With the PUBG Mobile 0.12. 0 update, you currently can change the plan and shade of your crosshair. That, yet in addition you can likewise change the shade of your crosshair when you’re not using an extension.

What is crosshair in PUBG?

Crosshair arrangement is one of only a handful of exceptional abilities that different individuals at the bottom from individuals that are at the top. Crosshair arrangement is a strategy that has layers and when mastered it will focus and weapon fighting capacity higher than ever.
Of course, you utilize the extension on PS4 and PS5 by tapping the left trigger, or L2. Other FPS titles permit you to pick either toggle ADS or holding down the button. However, PUBG is unique in relation to these titles. You need to hold down L2 to change viewpoint and tap L2 to utilize a degree.

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