This article is about How to Clear Your Twitter Search History. Twitter’s saved searches choice permits you to rapidly get to your inquiries through the menu close to the search box. You get to return to your saved searches and once again run them without composing the words. However, there are sure restrictions.

As you would definitely be aware, Twitter just permits you to save 25 searches per account like Facebook. While this may be too not many for some, there is not an obvious explanation to keep the questions you never again need. By erasing old searches, you can let loose space for new ones.

How to Clear Your Twitter Search History

Stage 1: Tap the amplifying glass at the bottom of the screen.
Stage 2: Tap the search bar at the top of the screen.
Stage 3: Tap the “X” symbol to one side of “Ongoing searches.”
Stage 4: Tap “Clear” to clear your new search history.

How to Delete Saved Searches in Twitter

It just takes a couple of taps or snaps to erase saved searches. You can do it on your PC or cell phone (iOS/Android) with the accompanying techniques.

Then, go to the Search box on the top right, click on it, and find and select the search you need to erase. To erase the search you’ve chosen, click on the little “garbage” symbol on the right.

The drop-down window could show Recent Searches or just Saved Searches on the off chance that you haven’t made any questions in some time. This strategy applies to all the searches – hashtags Change Twitter Language, catchphrases, or usernames.

Now and again, the “x” symbol probably won’t show up. Provided that this is true, click on the saved question to rehash the search, and select the three specks to get to the flood. Then, at that point, click on Delete saved search.

How to Clear Your Twitter Search History

Erase Individual Tweets

In some cases you would rather not erase your whole Twitter history, simply certain tweets. Applications like TweetDelete let you eliminate gatherings of tweets all at once. This is great if you have a scope of time you need to clear off the guide, similar to those bothersome school years.

Before you download TweetDelete or TwitWipe, however, the most straightforward course might be to eliminate individual tweets, especially in the event that you’re not a weighty client of the application. You may essentially have the option to revisit those more seasoned tweets and eliminate any that don’t match the picture you need to depict today. To erase individual tweets, simply tap the drop-down bolt in the upper-right corner of the tweet and select Delete Tweet.

Overseeing Twitter Likes

You may not understand this, yet Twitter clients can see each tweet you’ve loved. They should simply tap on the Likes tab on your profile and they are right there. If you essentially have any desire to glance through and dissimilar to a couple, the most straightforward method for erasing Twitter likes is to tap on the heart underneath the tweet and, presto, the tweet will never again show up under your Likes tab.

Explore to the Search Box

Go to Twitter on desktop at, and sign into the record with the search history you might want to eradicate. On the right-hand side of the route bar at the top of the site – close to your round profile symbol and the enormous “Tweet” button – you’ll see the search box, which says “Search Twitter.”


How would I erase search ideas on Twitter?

Stage 1: Log in to Twitter App. To begin with, you should sign in to your Twitter application on the off chance that you have not signed in yet. …
Stage 2: Open Twitter Search Suggestions. On the screen, you will see an amplifying glass symbol. …
Stage 3: Choose the Item You Wish to Delete. …
Stage 4: Confirm Deletion.

How would I erase all my Twitter history?

Go to top right search bar and see your last searches, and clear all.
Open a Mac or PC and sign into your Twitter account.
Utilize the search bar to find what you’re searching for.
Click on the text “Clear all” at the top of the drop-down choices menu at the right corner.

Does Twitter store search history?

Indeed. Twitter keeps your search history yet it might be apparent to you. No other person can see it until they have your gadget or your Twitter accreditations with them.

Might you at any point recuperate Twitter history?

On the off chance that the erased tweet you’re searching for is too old to show up in Google’s reserve and too obscure for anybody to have saved it, your smartest choice is to utilize the Wayback Machine. Likewise called the Internet Time Machine, a site documents public pages on the web for any kind of future family.

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