In this article we will show you How to get Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West. There are a wide range of kinds of monetary forms that you can exchange with in the Forbidden West. Secret elements exchange for machine parts, salvaged material exchanges for different things, and Arena Medals exchange for strong weapons. You will need to cultivate for some time to get these. This is the way you get Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Get Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West

Before you can get your hands on the Arena Medals, you should get the arena open. The arena is obliterated during the Kulrut story mission. After this mission, you will actually want to go to the arena only north of The Memorial Grove How to get Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West. Converse with Kalla and you will get the Opening the Arena mission. Complete it and the arena will open back up for business.
How to get Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West

Getting Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West

Arena Medals are obtained by completing difficulties in the Arena found by Memorial Grove. The quantity of medals you acquire from each challenge relies upon how rapidly you complete it. You can find subtleties on as far as possible and how much medals you’ll acquire from completing the test within each time limit on the right-hand side of the screen when a test is chosen.
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How to get and spend Arena Medals

With the arena open, you can contend in different difficulties to acquire Arena Medals. Every one of these difficulties is planned and should be finished within as far as possible to procure the medals recorded on the test. The harder the test is, the more medals you will acquire at one time How to get Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West.
Assuming you neglect to finish the test within as far as possible, you will in any case win however won’t get the medals. When you have an adequate number of medals, visit the Prize Master outside the arena door to look for things. Warning, these things can be really expensive so you should delay until you’ve piled up a great deal of medals prior to buying anything.

Opening the Arena

This is an exceptional side journey which is characterized in The Arena area on the Quests menu, in spite of the fact that it’s anything but an Arena Challenge. It should be finished to begin the Arena Challenges.
The Quest isn’t muddled, and just requires the player to kill a Rollerback and accumulate a couple of machine parts.

Converse with Rukka

Soon after accomplishing the Main Quest The Kulrut, outside of The Base, players can meet Rukka almost a stopgap camp where Aloy can pay attention to bits of gossip all over the planet How to get Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West. One of such reports will set off this Errand.

What Do You Get For Completing The Arena?

As you complete the Arena challenges, you will be granted Arena Medals. Address Dukkah – standing close to the Arena entrance – to exchange any Medals you have.
There are three outfits you can buy with Arena Medals (each distinguishable above) as well as a few unbelievable weapons. You should finish the greater part of the difficulties on the off chance that you wish to get all of these prizes.
How to get Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West

How to Get All Legendary Weapons

There are 9 Legendary weapons to find in Horizon Forbidden West. The following, we’re going to show them all to you and let you know how and where to get them. The Legendary weapons are recorded beneath in sequential request.

Amazing Shredder Gauntlet

You want to assemble each of the 9 Ornaments, the greater part of which are found by completing all Relic Ruins. Once gathered How to get Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West, converse with Stemmur in Hidden Ember and hand every one of the Ornaments over. In the wake of speaking to him, he’ll advise you to guarantee your award from a close by chest. Among the awards in the chest is Ancestor’s Return.

Where to Go in Hunting Grounds Medals

The Hunting Grounds Medals can be exchanged to the Prize Master outside the Arena. It’s designated “The Maw of the Arena” on the guide:
The arena opens up in the wake of completing Main Quest 9: The Kulrut. Then, at that point, you can converse with the Prize Master. You can get some Very Rare (purple grade) weapons as an award, so it’s certainly worth doing this right off the bat:

Ancestor’s Return Unlock And Abilities In Horizon Forbidden West

Ancestor’s Return is a Legendary Shredder Gauntlet that can be opened by completing the nine Relic Ruins in How to get Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West. One of the Relic Ruins should be done during that “Time of Lights” side mission, yet the other eight can be found and finished in any request while exploring.

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