We will talk about How to get the cute emote in Lost Ark in this guide. Affinity Emotes are exercises that increase the Rapport Level with a NPC. Five (5) Emotes can be finished every day on a single Roster. Emotes reset at 5 am Server Time. These are something basically the same/emote exercises that you can obtain from various undertakings within the game. How much Rapport gained per emote is something comparative across all NPCs.
Emotes are only for correspondence purposes like expressing feelings in How to Get the Cute Emote in Lost Ark. However, in Lost Ark, they have a Functional use and are truly critical. In this associate, I will show you how to get all Emotes in Lost Ark.
How to Get the Cute Emote in Lost Ark

How to Get the Cute Emote in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, a MMORPG by Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games, emoting is an incredible strategy for communicating with individual players. Furthermore, some emotes are in like manner essential for ventures, as you in some cases need to use emotes in light of certain NPCs.
One of these emotes is the “Cute” emote. This emote is accessible from one of the game’s various islands, with this vendor found in Peyto in How to Get the Cute Emote in Lost Ark. In Peyto, you’ll have to find a transporter named Yurei, who sells the “Cute” emote for you.

Area of Yurei

You can purchase the “Cute” emote for 5,000 Silver. Silver is the main money of Lost Ark and is really obtainable by doing excursions, jails, or defeating enemies. There are a ton of other inspirations to visit Peyto Island, so make certain to stop by to obtain the Island Token, missions, materials, and step by step prizes too.

Cute Emote

Cute – Obtained by buying the Emote from Yurei on Peyto for 5,000 Silver. Type/cute to play out the Emote.
Botch – Obtained by completing the Truth or Dare Quest from NPC Minerva on Wisdom Isle. Type/slip-up to play out the Emote.
Fear – Obtained by completing The Faces of Terror Quest from NPC Schweiz on Metus Islands. Type/fear to play out the Emote.
Disappointed – Obtained by completing The Totoikis’ Dream: Creation Quest from NPC Toto Elder on Toto Silver Island. Type/disappointed to play out the Emote.
Interrogate – Obtained by completing the Three Leaders World Quest in Stern. Type/interrogate to play out the Emote.
Happiness – Obtained by building a Rapport Level with NPC Toto Mokamoka in Mokoko Village on Tortoyk Island. Type/happiness to play out the Emote.


The emotes menu in Lost Ark can be gotten to by pressing the “Y” button on the control center. In the table underneath, you can see all of the emotes that are not available as per usual. They are in successive solicitation with a portrayal and obtaining strategy in How to Get the Cute Emote in Lost Ark. You can also read about The Best Soulfist Builds in Lost Ark from here.
How to Get the Cute Emote in Lost Ark

How to use Emotes

There are mainly two strategies for using emotes in Lost Ark. You’ll find a HUD part named Community in the lower right corner of the screen in How to Get the Cute Emote in Lost Ark. In this name, you can find the Emote tab, and pick the emote you want to use. You can get induction to this menu by hotkey by pressing Y.
Otherwise you can get to all your emotes by typing the corresponding request in visit, so for instance to do the ‘Insult’ emote, then you simply sort/insult then hit enter to institute the emote.

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