This article is regarding How to interpret weapon stats in Elden Ring. Assuming you’re new to Soulsbourne games, the sheer number of estimations to monitor can be overwhelming, especially while deciding what weapons and protections to use. Why might you verify or refute that you are prepared to use Godrick’s Ax? What’s the importance here for a weapon to have “Safeguarded Damage Negation”? At the point when you’ve figured out a viable method for comprehending weapon stats in Elden Ring, you’ll have the choice to do all of this from that point, anything is possible.

How to Interpret Weapon Stats in Elden Ring

To begin, you may continually pick the Help button on a detail screen (typically connected with Select or the two squares button on PC/Xbox) if you neglected to recollect what the stats do in How to Interpret Weapon Stats in Elden Ring. This will allow you to pick an estimation and all the more profoundly concentrate on it.
How to Interpret Weapon Stats in Elden Ring
Weight is the thing is says – how profound your destructive carries out are. Heavier weapons are all the more delayed to chain attacks with, yet habitually come profound damage or wide, sweeping attack ranges to review.
Moreover, the heavier your total weight is influences your turn of events and roll speed. Assuming that you’re under 30% plan load, you can fast roll, 31% to 70% is a medium roll, and 71% to 100% is a profound roll in How to Interpret Weapon Stats in Elden Ring. If you go beyond what 100% encumbrance, you can’t move using any and all means. Your improvement speed and sprinting in like manner tones down the more weight you convey. You can also read about How to know if a fall will kill you in Elden Ring from here.

Attack Power and Guarded Damage Negation

The Attack Power region indicates definitively how much damage your weapon will do, and the kind of mischief it will inflict. In the model over, the Highland Ax will bargain 224 Physical mischief, notwithstanding an additional 164 Physical damage on account of it’s Heavy subtype. This scales off of the Strength detail, which we will get into in the following region. However, you will habitually find weapons that bargain Physical damage as well as an additional a fundamental sort, similar to Magic, Fire, Lightning or Holy. These parts can help you with dealing additional mischief to enemies weak against them, or avoid foes who are blocking your real attacks in general.

Isolates Effects

This section just records the passives that apply to the thing being alluded to. Though the majority of weapons and shields have no uninvolved effects, likely the most noteworthy stuff has. Whenever you set up the Ant’s Skull Plate, it conveys a 90 percent toxin and red rot improvement – a minor expense to pay for an incredibly capable protect that blocks 100% real damage and a major piece of any remaining fundamental mischief.

Straight Sword

This fundamental edge type scales with strength and is a good found some middle ground among mischief and strength, with an extent of truly extraordinary for slashing and thrusting attacks. Its ease is somewhat upheld by being prepared to use basically every Ashes of War, meaning an extent of extra capacities can be used to mass out its by and large plain unfriendly decisions. The only one we’ve seen so far is the Longsword, which is all things considered what it says – a clear, long blade. You’ll have some extra adaptability with this decision yet you’ll probably require a defend in your other hand to help you with staying adequately near objective mischief without taking too numerous risks.

Character Attributes

Character Attributes in Elden Ring implies the eight fundamental stats you will move forward with Runes at various Sites of Grace tracked down all through The Lands Between. Each Attribute will grade a wide extent of threatening and protected capacities, even inactive ones that can How to Interpret Weapon Stats in Elden Ring you the edge in How to Interpret Weapon Stats in Elden Ring. Attributes are the underpinning of your character and license you to fine-tune your character.
How to Interpret Weapon Stats in Elden Ring


Power is a trademark that will raise a player’s wellbeing points and besides give a security from fire hurt. This attribute will be preferably suit for individuals who expect to play the Vagabond or a substitute wellbeing based class.


For those paying a caster class, increasing your Mind trademark will be essential. Like Vigor for Health, Mind will increase your middle points which can be spent to project spells.

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