This article is about How to unlock Kadan quest line in Lost Ark. One of the focal features of Lost Ark’s March updates is the Kadan questline, which adds a completely new storyline, including journeys, regions, and cutscenes. The new storyline will introduce new characters as well as those whom players will have met during the base game’s main campaign.
How to unlock Kadan quest line in Lost Ark
Moreover, the journeys will uncover more legend about the Sidereals and task explorers with finding Kadan, the primary unbelievable Guardian slayer. Naturally, many Lost Ark fans, new and old, will be eager to hop into this new happy as quickly as time permits How to unlock Kadan quest line in Lost Ark. In any case, there are a few requirements that should be met in request to get to the Kadan questline in Lost Ark.

How to Unlock Kadan quest line in Lost Ark

Over the course of your time in Lost Ark, the legend will every so often reference a Guardian Slayer named Kaden. Generally, this feels like cushion message to give the world a tad of extra backstory, yet an update to the game implies that players are sent on a mission to encounter Kaden’s story for themselves.
This is final plan content for Lost Ark and, thusly How to unlock Kadan quest line in Lost Ark, it isn’t to be attempted without fulfilling a couple of prerequisites first. On the off chance that you’re anxious to stall out in on the journey, this is what you want to be aware to open it.
Lost Ark, the well known MMORPG from South Korean engineer Smilegate, has as of late been delivered in English after its Korean and Japanese deliveries. The English adaptation, accessible for nothing through Steam, got on March 10 its very first significant update. This update adds new final stage content for veteran players. Specifically, another journey focusing on Kadan is getting added. We point by point the progressions in general and new happy with a dedicated story. You can also read about Where is the Moon Knight statue in Lost Ark from here.

Kadan’s story episode prerequisites in Lost Ark

Besides, the engineer noticed a thing level prerequisite to advance through the new happy. The thing level expected to begin the story episode is 1100, allowing you to investigate the Isteri and Bamboo Islands and complete their missions.

How to begin Kadan’s story episode in Lost Ark?

Whenever players have met these necessities, they can begin Kadan’s story episode How to unlock Kadan quest line in Lost Ark, “The Quest For Kadan”, at Vern Castle, North Vern. Kadan assumes a basic part in the pursuit to find the final Ark as you’ll likewise reveal more insight into the Sidereals.
After their finish, you will be qualified to interact and acknowledge a journey from the NPC named Sebastian at Vern Castle in North Vern. From that point forward, it’s really direct, simply follow the questline.

Step by step instructions to Start Kadan Quest in Lost Ark

To begin the Kadan mission in Lost Ark, also known as to open the Kadan questline, you really want to meet various prerequisites. According to the authority discharge notes, you really want to have finished Feiton, probably meaning the main questline in the district How to unlock Kadan quest line in Lost Ark. I don’t think it implies you need to 100 percent the entire spot.
How to unlock Kadan quest line in Lost Ark
On top of that, you likewise need to finish the “Let There Be Light” Yorn mission (opens in the Great Castle in the wake of finishing “The Final Report”), the Start of Our Story journey on Whispering Isle, and End of the Trials on Illusion Bamboo Isle (opens in the wake of completing “Shandi’s Trial: Way of Courage”).
Additionally, it appears to be that you should be T3 in request to truly get to the journey, however we’re uncertain about whether it’s totally important How to unlock Kadan quest line in Lost Ark. However, you ought to be at thing level 1100 while venturing to the new islands.

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