Loot River highlights numerous procedures to help your endurance possibilities. These include weapons, spells, and Hats. These go about as adornments that give you rewards to protective layer and interesting impacts. This might leave you wondering how to unlock and prepare Hats.
Hats are a headgear you can unlock in Loot River by talking to Emmet. This is one of the numerous NPCs in the game found at the Sanctuary. Emmet isn’t there toward the beginning and should be protected before you can get Hats.
Emmet gets found on the main city of Loot River, the second region in the game. As Loot River uses procedural prisons, his area will be different once in succession. We tracked down him at the focal point of a few stages part of the way through the area. This will likewise ensure your boldness.
Emmet will get back to the Sanctuary and go about as a Hat merchant. Hats might be bought using Knowledge. Hats might be bought right away. In ongoing endeavors, Hats might be found as irregular drops from adversaries, in this manner you should depend on RNG.

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Like the format of Loot River’s procedurally-produced levels, Larval Tears in Elden Ring both where Emmet generates inside the First City, and on the off chance that he brings forth at all are completely dependent on RNG. There might be runs where you scour every last bit of the level, however neglect to find him. In our experience with the game, we observed him standing in the center of a bigger stone stage, yet again, where he brings forth is by all accounts irregular.
When you find and converse with him, he will get back to the Sanctuary, and you’ll have the option to meet him there on your next run. He’s situated to one side of the crystalline construction at the focal point of the Sanctuary. Speaking with him will likewise unlock the “Courage” accomplishment.
Address Emmet, and you’ll have the option to buy hats from him using Knowledge, which you can collect by defeating adversaries, clearing levels rapidly, and by opening chests. When you buy a cap, you can gain it as an irregular drop from foes.
Hats have a wide range of impacts. For instance, the Coif of Remembrance randomizes your details in your next run assuming you bite the dust while wearing it. They’re an extraordinary method for spending your Knowledge whether you would rather not catch a new spell or weapon.
How to unlock new hats in Loot River

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