This article is concerning How to unlock Vivi in Chocobo GP. Among the various affirmations made by Square Enix during the new Nintendo Direct was more information on the upcoming racer Chocobo GP. This Nintendo Switch particular won’t simply component a permitted to-play Lite interpretation, yet moreover a Battle Pass-style structure and new characters and about Elden Ring.

How to Unlock Vivi in Chocobo GP

For the Alexandria race course, we recommend using Cid as he has a high handle detail, notwithstanding a decent float. You’ll need to turn many corners and manoeuver into little openings to continue in the race, so the more control you have, the better in How to Unlock Vivi in Chocobo GP. Cid also offers extraordinary ability with his special limit that shoot guns before him.
How to Unlock Vivi in Chocobo GP
At the point when you complete Chapter 5’s first segment and beat Steiner, you’ll unlock Vivi. He is presently playable whenever in various modes like Time Attack, Series Races, and Custom Race.
Steiner follows Vivi as an unlockable individual in the following area. He isn’t in the shop like Ramuh, Ifrit, and Shiva.


Chocobo GP is stacked with amazing characters from both the Chocobo series and the more broad FINAL FANTASY universe. Each is playable, and each is competing to be magnificent on the track. You can also read about How to Cure Bleeding in Elden Ring from here.


He can use Dbl Magic. Right when he initiates it, Vivi enters Trance and can use two distinct kinds of significant level wizardry right away in How to Unlock Vivi in Chocobo GP. The heading you input with the left stick when you order the limit defines which kind of magicite he uses – the effects are identical to using typical magicite.


Her uncommon limit is called Tsunami and – appropriately enough – lets her surf along on a goliath torrent. She continues along the course in an aided state for some time, moving left and right automatically. Any characters that come into contact with the waves will get out.

Playable characters

Playable characters have different characteristics as well as a selection of vehicles they can investigate, which determine their Speed, Grip, Acceleration, and Drift, which are separate from 1 to 5.[2] Similar to the original game, each racer moreover has an interesting limit. Limits charge for a really long time as shown in a wing-like air pocket on the HUD. Performing different beguiles, for instance, drifting could increase the charge speed marginally.

  1. Chocobo – Chocobo Dash limit: Creates a ring that upholds him forward, as well as various racers that enter the ring.
  2. Atla – Pom-Pom Crystal limit: Steals pearls from various racers in front and scatters fake ones behind that detonate on contact with various racers.
  3. Clair – Invisihood limit: Becomes clear and intangible, making it unimaginable for to be centered around by other racer’s attacks.
  4. Camilla – Chocobo Combo limit: Creates five rings that grant speed lift and invincibility by passing through, with the effect loosened up by passing through extra. Various racers can similarly go through the rings and get upholds.

How to Unlock Vivi in Chocobo GP

Dream IX’s Vivi and Steiner

Vivi’s voice indisputably has a spot with the well known Ikue Ohtani (Pikachu, One Piece’s Tony Chopper, and Persona 5’s Morgana), who did indeed voice Vivi in Kingdom Hearts II quite far back in 2005, so it’s nothing while possibly not consistent (additionally, Ikue Ohtani voicing a mascot looks like sticking a hand in a glove). Steiner’s voice is less speedily obvious, yet its unpleasant deception and senseless yells fit him to a T.

Chocobo GP Vivi Custom Racing Detailed

The different parts change things like difficulty, in-race potential dangers, and what you can expect to encounter. For instance, both the Class and CPU settings influence the test. You could set the class to things like “beginner” or pick how capable the AI racers will be in How to Unlock Vivi in Chocobo GP. You can determine assuming Magicite show up. (These are essentially enhancers to help yourself or hurt individual racers.) You can similarly determine what number races there will be and if you pick which course you run for each one.

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