This article is about How to upload custom images and renders in WWE 2K22. An essential change in WWE 2K22 is that the decision menu Fight Night uses genuine images for renders. You might be wondering how to make one of your own for individual use. Here is our WWE 2K22 manual for help you with creating a custom render or custom picture for your CAWs.
Assuming you recently made your own character or, for my circumstance, AEW’s MJF, then, you’ve probably run over WWE 2K22’s upload site in How to Upload Custom Images and Renders in WWE 2K22. You’ll moreover use assuming you really want This to get custom pictures for your grapplers. With everything taken into account, where definitively do you get those kinds of images?

How to Upload Custom Images and Renders in WWE 2K22

For a certain something, go to WWE 2K’s dedicated site for images: Here, you should sign in with your establishment information. Starting there, select the ‘Upload Images’ tab on the landing page. From here, select the image and/or images from your library, and then, click ‘Upload Now.’ 50 images can be uploaded at a time, before images ought to be deleted from the site’s library.
After that is done, sign into WWE 2K22. Go to Online, and select ‘Neighborhood.’ Select ‘Picture Manager,’ and from here, investigate the photos that have been uploaded from the webpage to the Incoming section. Click on one with A (for Xbox), or X (for PlayStation) to ensure. You can also read about How to Find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark from here.

Shouldn’t something be said about renders?

In WWE 2K22, clients can now use images of grapplers that can be used as renders in How to Upload Custom Images and Renders in WWE 2K22. This should be a notable way for clients to play with non-WWE CAWs (Create a Wrestler) that don’t have a featured picture in the game as a render.

How to make custom renders or custom portrayals for your CAWs

The most clear sources are the power destinations of wrestling progressions. For instance, on WWE’s program page, you’ll see a ton of masters there at this point. Essentially right-click on an image and open it in another tab. You should then have the choice to manage piece of the image (i.e., mid-region high) and change it using a program like
If you want yourself to be significant for the action, it’s fantastical that you have a wrestling or cosplay clothing lying around. Everything you can oversee is upload your face photo when you make a custom genius.


Scramble toward the WWE 2K22 picture uploader site to upload custom face photos, logos, and portrayals to use as renders.
At the point when you’ve continued to the site, simply select the stage you play on How to Upload Custom Images and Renders in WWE 2K22. The decisions are PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X/S, and Steam.
Pick your establishment and then, sign into your PSN, Xbox, or Steam account. This will redirect you to a page where you can post your own thing of beauty.

  • 512×512
  • 256×256
  • 128×128
  • 1024×1024
  • 1024×256
  • 1024×128

You ought to change your own photos through programs like Photoshop. That way you can eliminate establishments for anything you wish to input into the game like tattoos, faces, or renders.
How to Upload Custom Images and Renders in WWE 2K22


Players will require an adequately splendid forward looking selfie of themselves or the pro they wish to make in CAW. Guarantee it’s a latent one, for any situation, the WWE 2K22 picture upload may distort and cause a CAW to collect look a piece insane.
Then, at that point, players ought to do some genuinely clear photo editing on a PC. The most un-demanding strategy for doing this is to download Paint.Net and the Smudge plugin, don’t pressure we’ll explain later.
First and foremost, cut out the face figuratively speaking in How to Upload Custom Images and Renders in WWE 2K22. This suggests no ears, neck, or hair. Copy this main another image and resize it to 512 x 512 and eradicate the establishment to uncover the chequerboard foundation. This just suggests the image establishment is right now direct, so don’t worry about your grappler having destroyed head surfaces.

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