How to use a secondary weapon in Elyon – Early within the Prologue, you’ll get two weapons to prepare. One shall be your class’ main weapon, however the different shall be a secondary weapon. While the secondary weapon is labeled as “Required,” you will not find that it wraps up aside from contributing stats.
While that isn’t something, you could ask how you really want to use your secondary weapon in battle. Another weapon gives another sort of offense, and it very well may be a waste to not put it to use. Unfortunately, Elyon’s tutorials don’t present a ton details about utilizing a secondary weapon.
Not all secondary weapons are exact weapons. For instance, the Archer has a Quiver that doesn’t proceed as a weapon, and also you wouldn’t use a quiver for something however storing arrows. Classes very much like the Archer, Slayer, Elementalist, and Mystic received’t be utilizing their secondary weapons repulsively.
For the Warlord, Gunner, and Assassin, their assaults/abilities will make the a large portion of their secondary weapons. On the off chance that you want to realize the way a secondary weapon shall be used, you can search a category’ ability listing.
How to use a secondary weapon in Elyon

How to Use A Secondary Weapon in Elyon

In the basic combat tutorial, I can shoot my cannons however when incited to switch New Weapons in Call of Duty, I can’t. This is either because the default ED Warthog HOTAS map has the same (Joy 5) button assigned to both Select Target Ahead and Second Fire Group, or, more probable, I am not understanding something basic about how this functions. It’s driving me crazy.
At the end of the day, do I use the primary trigger for cannons however the rocket release button for lasers? The latter didn’t work in the tutorial and I am baffled re how to switch among weapons and whether there is an alternate trigger. Does the screen on the right have anything to do with this? I can’t advance in combat until I sort this out so I would appreciate assistance.
Each firegroup comprises of two triggers. Primary and secondary. That means that for example in one firegroup you can have a few lasers on primary trigger and rockets or cannons on secondary trigger. Really look at your right hand panel. There is a Firegroups tab where you can assign each weapon (or scanners and different utilities) to either primary(1) or secondary(2) trigger. Each section addresses one firegroup.
How to use a secondary weapon in Elyon

How do I increase my gear in Elyon?

The most straightforward way to upgrade your hardware in Elyon is to prepare a rune to it. Each weapon starts with one runeslot and gains new runeslots for each +4 enhancement it gets. There are seven distinct rune tones, and each one upgrades an alternate attribute on the weapon.
To use the secondary, the player basically has to swap from the primary weapon using the Swap Weapons button. The speed of the swap ranges from each classification of Secondary Weapon, Pistols it being the slowest to be the fastest and Launchers.

What is a secondary weapon?

A supporting or auxiliary weapon of a unit, vehicle, position, or aircraft; generally, it is a firearm of smaller caliber than the primary weapon, and its motivation is to secure or enhance the shoot of the primary weapon.
Enchantments can be performed at any Enchanter NPC. In request to perform enchantment, certain materials are required, for example, Rune Polishers and Rune Powder. Rune Polishers can be obtained by dismantling gear. Rune Powder can be obtained by dismantling Runestones and from completing missions all through your excursion.
To prepare a Runestone, go to the Runestones tab in your Inventory [I]. This is where all Runestones obtained it are stored to during your excursion.

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